Google to Help Indian NGOs Working on Child Safety

Google to Help Indian NGOs Working on Child Safety


Google India will be helping 3 NGOs in India working on child safety. The NGOs are ChildLine India Foundation, Bachpan Bachao Andolan, and Tulir – Centre for the Healing and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse. Google India will help the NGOS to make maximum use of technology to ensure safety of children.

Rajan Anandan, vice-president and Managing Director of Google India said in a message that they had selected the organizations that worked largely offline. Now, Google India wants to see whether the smart applications of technology can aid some of these initiatives reach effectively to a wider audience.

Google will be helping the NGOS to handle the new applications of technology. In addition to that, Google will give $5,00,000 in grants through Google.org to ensure safety of children in India.

Though the three NGOs have the same motive, the aspects of child safety they work for differ. ChildLine India Foundation has a toll-free helpline service (1098) to help children in distress. Bachpan Bachao Andolan was first launched in 1996 with an aim to protect and save children from slavery, trafficking and forced labour. Tulir is a Chennai –based NGO. It works with the state and education professionals to ensure the safety of children. Vidya Reddy of Tulir said that they would like to make the best use of technology to spread the word about child protection to a wider group and online.