Government Officials, Officers to Send Their Children to Govt. Schools in Allahabad! Know Why

Thursday August 20, 2015


“Each and every government officials and the folks who get benefit under government must send their children to government schools”, said the Allahabad high court.

The court has said the chief secretary of the Uttar Pradesh (UP) government, “steps should be taken within 6 months to make applicable the directions mentioned above for the next academic session.”

This order came under the case filed by the Umesh Kumar Singh and others who challenged the selection process of associate teachers for govt. Schools for 2013 and 2015 in UP.

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According to the court, govt. officials would ensure that govt. schools would run well if more number of children take admission in govt. schools.

Justice Sudhir Agarwal, while passing the judgment, also stated that “penal provisions” must be laid down for those who break the order.

Govt. Officials and the elected state representatives must deposit an amount equal to school fees to the state exchequer for every child going to private schools, the court said.

 “People not following the order should not get any benefits from state such as promotional avenues, increment for a certain period of time”, the court said.

Govt. can make the necessary provisions to make sure that the parents or caretakers of children are receiving primary education from govt. schools or not.

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“Lakhs of vacancies in primary schools run by the up board would not have been caused if the responsible officers making recruitment would have given little care”, the court said.



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