Government to Unveil New National Ranking System for Institutes

Tuesday September 29, 2015


New Delhi: Govt. to introduce new framework- DOMESTIC RANKING SYSTEM” for educational institutions.

This will cover all top educational institutions offering courses on law, management and Engineering.

The parameters which would be used for ranking are "teaching learning and resources, research, consulting and collaborative performance, graduation outcome, outreach and inclusivity (through reservations) and perception" said an official note.

HRD Minister Smriti Irani will launch this new ranking system after meeting with a core committee headed by the HRD Ministry higher education Secretary.

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This core committee consists of NBA Chairman Surendra Prasad, IT-Madras Director Bhaskar Ramamurthi, IIT-Kharagapur Director PP Chakraborty and HRD ministry officials.

"The methodology outlined would start a new era of accountability in higher education in the country”, Prasad Said.

It will consider the opinion of an outreach, institute and also through reservations.

Under this framework, institutes offering diverse courses such as law, engineering would be separately compared.




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