Graduates have Good Theoretical Knowledge in India, Yet Lack Skills

Graduates have Good Theoretical Knowledge in India, Yet Lack Skills


Jayant Krishna, CEO of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) pointed out in an interview, that in India most of the college graduates come out with only theoretical knowledge and there is an increased deficiency of employable skills.

"We have graduates who have theoretical knowledge but no practical experience. A person can explain his or her learning on paper, but may have never done it in actual work situations," he said.

Krishna observed that ways have to be found to make them skilled in their areas of choice.

"We need to find ways and create avenues to make them skilled in the area of their choice and help them become an employable workforce as per local and global industry requirements", Krishna said.


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He also said that most of the jobs created in the unorganized sector are not opted by many people. He commented that the need to fill gap between academia and industry and to build a skill-based development ecosystem for youth is an urgent one.

"India has a labor market of 48 crore (480 million) people. Almost 1.2 crore (12 million) people are added every year. It includes all kinds of jobs – organised or unorganized. Job creation is happening,but the challenge is that a very large number of these jobs are created in the unorganized or informal sector. This is a challenge for our country because most of the people want to work in the formal sector", Krishna contended.