Gurgaon Schools Go For Solar Power Generation

Gurgaon Schools Go For Solar Power Generation


Interact Club of Pathways World School and Rotary Club of Delhi Imperial together had recently inaugurated solar power generation units in two government-run schools in the villages of Aklimpur and Baas, located in Gurgaon, Haryana. The solar power generation units are of 5 Kilowatt peak capacity.

The solar power generation service project is meant to supply non-stop power to the schools. Solar energy is a renewable source of energy and can help in saving huge amount of money. The schools can use the money saved in enhancing the infrastructure of the schools along with other educational needs.

Block education officials, members of Rotary Club, students of Pathways Interact Club and representatives of the local panchayat were present at the inauguration. The guests who attended the event include Dharmendra Singh, Block Education Officer, Aravali; Mr Sanjeev Jain, President, Rotary Club of Delhi Imperial; Captain Swadesh Kumar, Assistant Governor, District Rotary 3010; Mr Praveen Jain, Director, Pathways Schools; and Dr Sarvesh Naidu, School Director, Pathways World School, Aravali.

Mr. Sanjeev Jain, President of the Rotary Club of Delhi Imperial said that the club has always had literacy as its main focus areas. The Rotary Club along with the Pathways have set up computer labs and various facilities in terms of library, health and sanitation at the villages in Aravalli. But, all these facilities could not be used effectively due to the unavailability of power supply. The solar power generation service project means to give uninterrupted power supply to the schools. Apart from that the initiative also has the intention to save energy, avoid pollution and to save money. The theme of the club for the present year is “Light Up Rotary” and the project happens to be a suitable example for the same.

According to Mr. Praveen Jain, Director of Pathways Schools, The solar power generation service project is aimed at providing power supply to six schools in Aravalli. As part of the first phase of the project, solar units have been successfully installed in two government schools. The next phase of the project will cover the remaining four schools. The schools bad Rotary Club have jointly raised funds for the solar units, apart from some contribution from Rotary District 3010. The continuous power supply will encourage students to attend school without fail in any weather conditions and the Pathways Schools is positive that the number of students attending schools is going to increase in the coming years.

The Pathways Interact Club will be in charge of monitoring and maintain the project. Apart from Aklimpur and Baas villages, the project will also cover Sakatpur, Haryahera, Raiseena, Teekli and Badshapur villages.

Dr.Sarvesh Naidu, Director, Pathways World School, Aravali, said that Caring and giving, sharing and fulfilling a dream, and bringing happiness into other people's lives-this has always been what Pathways has done.  This year, the solar units are going to strengthen the use of IT labs in the village schools to the fullest. Continuous power supply will ensure that the fans and lights in classrooms are always working, making the students happy. Pathways School also provides specialist teachers and trains teachers periodically. They also organise inter school cultural and sports meets. Also, the students of Pathways Interact Club help in teaching English, computer skills, and arts and craft to the students in the schools in Aravalli.