HC Rejects Rule Preferring Gujaratis for Medical Education under NRI Quota


Gujarat HC on Monday rejected the rule of giving 100% preference to Gujaratis under NRI quota in medical education.

The division bench led by Chief Justice Jayant Patel said that this new law is unconstitutional and will be rejected.

Gujarat Government included a new rule for the candidates from Gujarat. Under this rule, the candidate falling under merit list will be given first preference under NRI quota admission in Medical educations.

Kolasani Sai Yaswanth Reddy, a resident of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh filed a petition against this move through the lawyer Gunvant Thakar.

Many students from A.P and Telangana opt for medical colleges under NRI quota because of the low tuition fees.

High Court held the state government’s decision was unreasonable as this will give importance only to Gujarati Candidates under NRI Quota.

Many parents stated it as a discrimination against the meritorious students of other states. Parents also said that this move will affect the future of several other candidates preparing for admission.