Height of Illiteracy: Five Women beaten to death By Mob

Monday August 10, 2015


Ranchi: On the allegation of practising witchcraft, five women were lynched in Jharkhand. Chief Minister Raghubar Das on Sunday said that lack of education is the main cause for such disbeliefs and superstitions. On the occasion of 'World Adivasi Day', Jharkhand Chief Minister said that efforts must be made to educate every child.

At Kanjia village 27 villagers were arrested under Mandal police station regarding the incident. Jharkhand Chief Minister confirmed that educating children really does matter for the betterment of society. No child should remain illiterate for the progress of any nation.

Das said that lack of job opportunities resulted in migration, which is a major challenge. However things are progressing now with the rise of small and large scale industries in the state.

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He added that the government is focusing to provide training for the literate tribal youth for connecting them to jobs. From his 'Straight Talk' programme, the chief minister learned about the illegal sale/purchase and grabbing of tribal land and SIT is taking necessary actions to deal with such problems.

From August 15, government will launch Adivasi Grameen Path (road). He confirmed that Rs 2 lakh will be given to help groups comprising tribal women to carry out their works. To make the youth self-sufficient economically, the same amount will be given to the youths after training.

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The Chief Minister said that several welfare schemes have been started for the betterment of tribal people. Welfare Minister Louis Marandi on the occasion asked people to stay away from such dangerous superstitions. 



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