India is Capable of Achieving More than Its 100 Smart City Goal: Hany Fam

Tuesday August 2, 2016


Collaborative and focused approach with regards to shared technology, expertise, and learning will let India achieve more than what it had planned for the smart city project, opined Hany Fam, executive vice president, Enterprise Partnerships, Mastercard.

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"With its ambitious plan, it is more crucial than ever for India to stay realistic and focused. (For) Smart city planning and development, India needs a collaborative approach of shared technology, expertise, learning and governance. That is what India needs to keep focused on to meet their 100 Smart City goal," he said

Fam pointed out that India was trying to leverage the smart city experience and technology available across the globe. However, he advised that India should not miss out addressing the current problems plaguing the Indian society, such as tackling the implications of urbanisation if it need to deliver truly impactful transformations. Fam stressed on the importance of simultaneous development of both basic services and infrastructure.




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