Indo-Canadian Teen Creates Search Engine 47% More Precise than Google

Monday August 24, 2015


At 16, Indian-origin Canadian citizen, Anmol Tukrel has created a personalized search engine, which is 47% more accurate than Google. Even more interesting is the fact that he developed it in a couple of months.

This search engine which took about 60 hours to code is submitted as a part of Google Science Fair, a competition for students between the age group 13 and 18.

Tukrel came to Bengaluru, India for a 2-week internship programme at Adtech firm IceCream Labs. He said he had a wish of doing something in the custom-made search space, but tried taking to the next level as Google already did it.

His tinkering kit consists of a computer with a minimum free storage space of 1 GB, a spreadsheet program, a python-language development environment and access to Google and New York Times.

After creating and analyzing his creation, Tukrel gave this info to Google and its internet based search engine. Finally, the results from each search engines were compared.

Tukrel stated that his algorithm first understands what the user wants before providing the answer.

“Trying to go to one level up after looking at the Google product, it’s amazing, “said Sanjay Ramakrishnan, co-founder of Ice-Cream Labs, and former marketing manager of Myntra.

Tukrel, who was attending the Holy Trinity School in Toronto, skipped a year in Computer Science for this project.

Last month, he presented his paper to the International High School Journal of Science. Based on this technology, he wants to make a news aggregator and consent it to some of the digital marketing agencies also. After this, he wishes to study computer science at Stanford University.

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