It’s Mandatory to Install GPS in all School Buses: CBSE


As part of a firm move to ensure safe transportation of children, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made it compulsory to install GPS in all school buses. The Global Positioning System which will help track school buses will be approved by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) according to the new guidelines issued by CBSE.

Hike in road accidents

CBSE has taken this important decision after witnessing a hike in the rate of road accidents involving a number of school buses. Last year, 34 school bus accidents have been registered with the traffic police in which 21 got injured and 1 died. It’s even more shocking to see the estimates of the world report on road traffic and injury prevention by WHO and World Bank.

  • 3% of the GDP is spent on road accidents in India
  • India has overtaken China with 1,30,000 road accident deaths annually
  • Every hour 13 people diein road accidents in India
  • India possess 1% of the world’s vehicles, but accounts for 10% of the world’s road accidents

Report on safety transport system

The statistics above reveal the importance of implementing effective safety measures such as GPS school bus tracking and RFID tracking in safeguarding people against road accidents. Measures have been taken by transport departments and various institutions to ensure road safety. As far as CBSE schools are concerned, they are demanded to submit a report approved by the traffic police on annual safety transport system.

Previous initiatives by CBSE

Installation of a speed governor to measure the speed of the vehicle has been made compulsory by CBSE previously. Even though it was a smart move to curb the issues related to the speed of vehicles, many schools failed to initiate the process of installation.