Jumping Robots to help in Earthquake Rescue Efforts

Thursday December 15, 2016


A group of scientists from U.S developed an agile jumping robot. They got inspired from one of the animals, worlds best leapers which could one day help in rescue after earthquakes.

According to the journal-Science Robotics, the robot can jump one meter in less than one second.

The 26-cm tall robot known as Salto can leap higher than a bullfrog and almost as high as a Galago, a primate found in Africa. This is far better than a human, but not the best of robots because there are other machines that can jump 3 meters in one leap.

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“To have a high vertical jumping ability, you have to be able to jump high and do it quickly,” explained Duncan Haldane, a researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, and lead author of the study.

Jumping Robots to help in Earthquake Rescue Efforts

Salto, which means “salutatorian locomotion on terrain obstacles,” attains 78 percent of a Galago’s vertical-jumping agility and weighs 100gms.

The one-legged jumping robot can jump from the floor, flip forward and then kick off a wall, reaching even higher heights. It’s believed to help rescuers by offering a service that can easily navigate rubble and tough terrain.

These robots would not be powerful enough to pull a person out of a collapsed building but, can be equipped with sensors to alert the rescuers about the location of a trapped person.




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