21 Meditation Apps to Relieve Stress in Students


It is common among students to have stress for many reasons such as exam fear, bullying, personal problems or poor classroom ambience. Meditation is a good means to relieve stress and stay in peace and activities like yoga can be a great aid.

Understanding the importance of meditation among students many enthusiasts have introduced meditation apps to help them out.

Here are a few among the many meditation apps for students that are available in reliable iOS and Android platforms.

1. Digipill

If you are looking for an app to beat insomnia while spiking your motivation, this app is just for you.

The app helps you to approach real life problems in a more sensible way and ease off stress and anxiety through guided relaxation. You can benefit from a range of methods that enables you to beat stress and get a good sleep..

 2. DreamyKid

The name says it all. Designed specially for the kiddo section, , this awesome app helps them  enable mindfulness and come out of stressful situations with ease. Continuous use  lets you to develop social-emotional skills and benefit from improved cognitive outcomes.

 3. HeadSpace 


A comprehensive meditation app to helps you come over different hassles or phases of life through a range of guided as well as unguided meditations. The user can benefit from ten sessions for free and can subscribe for hundreds of more sessions if you are satisfied with the app.

4. Stop, Breathe & Think 

The services of the app justify its name. It enables you to take a break from your difficult situation and encourages you to breathe and think. This helps you recover fast. The app features personalized meditation experiences and guides and motivates you to stay strong, connected and inspired despite what life offers you.

5. Calm 

As the name suggests, the app can help you to tackle any darkest phase of life and stay calm. The backgrounds of the app are designed specifically for people who are finding it hard to go forward at the moment as it relaxes their mind and help to be at ease. The meditation option ranges from 20 minutes to 1 hour sessions.

6. Super Stretch Yoga 

A comprehensive fun and interactive app that is designed exclusively for kids. The app triggers kids to move, play and breathe while introducing new yoga poses. It engages kids in the most fun way through animation, storytelling, and video examples. The key attractions include inspiring music, animated flashcards and breathing breaks.

7. Pacifica

The activities and strategies of this app are completely based on meditation and cognitive behavioural therapy. The app can take the role of a thought diary and a good tracker of your daily goals, health and mood.

8. Chill Outz


In simple words – if you want to be calm, just hum!

Stressed? Just shrug!

Panicked? Just breathe!

But kind of tedious to do it on your own! That is where this app comes in!

Designed by a pioneering child psychologist aims to help kids  stay mindful & relaxed through proven techniques and a range of fun animated stories.

9. 7 Cups

 Everybody needs a good friend to talk your heart out when you are struggling with stress and anxiety. This fantastic tool does exactly the same. The app assures the availability of trained active listeners that gives you mental support throughout your tough times through chat options via text or online. The app enables you to lift your mood through productive conversations and discussions.

10. Buddhify

This app is used around the world and loved by people of all ages. A refreshing means for students to keep away stress from their study life. The instructive and soothing app enables you to bring mindfulness in your daily activities and stay positive and happy. It helps you to calm down and ground yourself in stressful situations.

11. Positive Penguins

This is an exclusive app that is designed for kids to improve their positivity. A 5 minute guided meditation is the key feature of the app. It teaches kids on how to sit, relax and let go of the negative thoughts. There is also a game mode to entertain kids and help them to relax in stressful situations.

12. Sleep Easily Meditation 

Relaxing your whole body and mind is now at your fingertip with this comprehensive app. You can experience a positive lift to your whole state of mind with a refreshed and renewed feel. The uniquely designed music sound scapes and 26 minute recording puts you to a deep relaxing sleep.

13. Calm Counter 

When you are feeling angry or stressed, this app acts as a visual and audio tool that helps you to calm down and feel better. It uses simple strategies such as breathing deeply, counting to ten and taking a break that in fact helps you to transform your mood to a calm state.

14. Smiling Mind

This app is designed exclusively for kids in the age group of 7-18 years. The ultimate focus is to improve mindfulness. This free web and app-based program was designed by a team of educators and psychologists. The app users can benefit from bringing a balance to their life with an improved mental health.

15. Emotionary

A dictionary of emotions to be precise! It acts as a great aid to expand your emotional vocabulary. The strategies of the app are aimed at helping you express yourself better in a situation. The app guides users to find the apt category of feeling by letting you to traverse through five primary emotions.

16. Meditation Helper

This app acts as a tool that helps you to meditate regularly. It helps you to track the time and days you meditated and the widget indicates the number of times you hit your target that acts a true motivator..

17. Mindshift

The app is mainly designed to help users get rid of anxiety and related distress. It acts by relieving the mind block caused due to stress and drives the nerves to actively seek a solution.Many of the users rated the app as a personal counsellor or therapist.. So the next time you break out in cold sweat, you know where to go!

18. Colorfy

The digital version of the much renowned addicting colouring book. Colour the relaxing and free flowing shapes and patterns is all you have to do. Take a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of everyday problems and play with colours.

19. Happify 

As the name of the app suggests, it helps you stay emotionally fulfilled and happy always. The activities in the app are focussed heavily on significant areas such as mindfulness, positive psychology, and cognitive behavioural therapy. The games are designed to help you uplift your mind and ward off negativity.

20. Breathe2relax 

The best part of the relaxation techniques is to breathe properly which improves body’s response to stress. This app is a great aid to help you track your breathing and improve it. This awesome tool not only manages stress but helps you to boost your focus.

21. Personal Zen 

This is a clinically proven app. Reduce your stress and stay calm by playing a fun game. The task is to guide a friendly sprite on a calm and positive path through a lot of distractions.  Seems innovative enough to regain mental stability huh?

A unique method to ease off stress and anxiety.

When you pay less attention to stress management, it can take a  toll on the mental and physical health over the period. Things can go worse if it is left untreated among students as it can cause serious ailments. Many activities such as counselling, massage and simple exercises can also do the trick but these mobile apps are offering awesome solutions at your finger tips.

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