The Modern Face of KHDA Building in Dubai

Every parent in Dubai, whose kids study in private schools may be familiar with KHDA. The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is the regulatory authority for education in Dubai and is responsible for the growth and quality of private education in the city.  KHDA sets guidelines for the private schools in Dubai to follow and occasional school inspections by KHDA decide the fate of a school.

KHDA with its initiatives have worked their way into raising standard of private education in Dubai. Within 5 years of inspections, there has been a rise from 30% to 51% of students attending schools with “good” or “outstanding” rating.

No other authority has the power to inspect a school and to rate it and to grant schools the permission to make changes in their fees, like KHDA.

KHDA’s Another Face

But, there is more to KHDA than what you already know of. The KHDA building is beyond what anyone can imagine. The exterior of the KHDA building looks nothing different from the other government buildings in Dubai. But, once you enter the building, we bet, you are going to be perplexed as it’s nothing like a formal department of education building you may expect.

On the inside of the KHDA building, you will be surprised to see amazing hospitality spaces and visitors and the KHDA staff  are offered with various activities such as yoga, kung fu or tai chi classes to a chef, who provides you with delicious food.

Once you enter the main lobby, you get to see a piano there, which any person can play and there will be people to listen to you.

 Treadmill workstation!

Have you heard of it? Yes, you get to work on your presentations while burning few calories. You have the facility available in the KHDA building. And you need not have sports shoes on for working out on the treadmills. They are high-heels friendly.

When you reach the fifth floor of the building, you may wonder whether you are in the wrong building. You can find a spa bathroom there, with hanging crystals!

There is no doubt that KHDA aims at the health and well-being of their staff. The Arabic/English smart signs that compel people to use the stairs and the high-mounted display screens that show the exact calories burnt while using each stairway and inspirational health messages are the proof.

The walls of the KHDA walls are mounted with great works of art and when you are set to leave the building, you are expected to write a farewell message on a tablet that is displayed on a TV screen for everyone to see.

Then, when you reach the exit, you get to see a huge rug that says, ”Good morning” in different languages, which gets changed to a “Good afternoon” rug at noon.

Why is the KHDA building different from any other ordinary Government building?

According to Hind al-Mualla, the authority’s chief of engagement, wellness is given the top priority and therefore, KHDA encourages various health initiatives for staff. They believe that both health and wellbeing are important parts of being happy.

In fact, there is more to the surprises that KHDA holds, apart from its building. The usual staff selection process at any place involves forwarding resumes and attending interviews. But in KHDA, we are expected to send them a selfie. You have to download KHDA Connect from the Apple app store and tell them about yourselves via text, audio or video. Cool, isn’t it?