New Program to Monitor Social Media in Schools!

Thursday September 10, 2015


US schools have started using a new program to monitor students’ social media accounts as a safety precaution.

This program includes monitoring Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts. It mainly monitors some words such as “gun” or “kill” or words related to it, said Bill Sublette, chairman of Florida's Orange County School Board.

Some parents stated that this program is a violation to privacy but school administrators said this is to prevent school violence.

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"Social media can be the source of forcing to do some illegal activities, it is necessary to view social networking sites," the Orange County School Board said.

“School should educate children instead of interfering in their privacy”, said parent Valerie Radcliffe.

Our social media account is the place where we post, share and chat with our friends which we don’t want to share with others.

“Monitoring our social media accounts means schools are getting involved in our privacies, it’s not a good step by the schools”, said student Brooke Lynn Radcliffe.



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