Parents to Get Real-Time View of Classroom with Mobile App

Thursday May 25, 2017


Now parents can get the real-time view of their kid’s classroom on their smartphone. A mobile app named “ClassDojo” allowing students and teachers to share all the things happening in real time itself.

This app was developed by a game developer named Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, a teacher. It is being used in over 130 countries including Qatar, Canada and United States.

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In US, near about 90% of elementary and middle schools have adopted this app since its launch date in 2011, the company says.

In this, students can click pictures of their classroom activities or share story same as like that of snapchat. It also has a feature from which teachers can find out and remove points depending upon the particular child’s behaviour.

Parents to Get Real-Time View of Classroom with Mobile App
Parents those who are using this app will get updates often on their child’s performance and can send direct messages to teachers.

This app is now available on both Play Store and App Store.




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