Prakash Javadekar Says Improving Night Schools and Zilla Prishad Schools Would be Top Priority

Monday July 11, 2016


Newly charged Union Minister for Human Resource Development, Prakash Javadekar, said that improvement of the infrastructure of zilla prishad schools and nights schools will be taken as top priority of the Government.

"Education is essential for upliftment, I sincerely salute the spirit of these poor students, who are pursuing education in night schools after putting in 8-10 hours of hard work during the day," the minister said after visiting Gopal Krishna Gokhale Night School in Dadar, Mumbai, on Saturday.

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The Minister whom himself was a student in a zilla parishad school, said that he was in a better position to understand their problems and challenges. He also insisted that education should be inclusive and no one should be left behind. He observed night schools to be among the important institutions that help to make education inclusive.




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