Quality of teachers in Indian schools: Adopting new changes

Quality of teachers in Indian schools: Adopting new changes

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”   ― William Arthur Ward “

Concerned about the educational quality of your kids’ teachers? Stop worrying and muse deeply before your child starts the next academic year. You may have heard a few tales from your child about teachers in his/her school or you may have gone through your child’s assignments and met the teachers a couple of times. And are you satisfied or are you confused? You may be wondering about the quality of your child’s teachers and still keeping mum!

If you have an uneasy feeling that this particular teacher of your kid isn’t that great or simply not the right fit for your child, its time you stop worrying about your kid’s future and think of ways to address the problem of teacher performance and quality in most schools….

The great teacher!

How do you recognize or define a great teacher? A great teacher is the one who strives to bring the maximum potential out of a student, imparting wisdom and knowledge in an influential manner. Recently researches have been conducted focused on the relation between teacher quality and student outcomes. This actually revealed that the declining performance of teachers is affecting the quality of students. So when we talk about ‘The great teacher’, we need to be primarily focusing on the quality the teacher delivers and nothing else! Great teachers are an asset not just to an institution, but for a country’s future too.

Quality: Delivering less for more

As we all know, the foundation of our educational system is backed by the quality of teachers who are instrumental in developing the students in a meaningful manner. But what happened to our educational system today? In spite of all the transitions and expansion of educational institutions, what really lacks is the right combination of teachers who are passionate about their work. Teaching, as a profession is no more considered noble and secular but is regarded as a job of last resort! Pathetic. Isn’t it? Yes, and this is the reason behind all those less-qualified teachers out there who view teaching as a cumbersome job and do their tasks just for the sake of doing it.

And the end result?

Imparts knowledge in an improper way thereby holding back students’ urge to make their learning experience fruitful and lively!

What can be done?

What do you think can be the possible measures that will upgrade the performance of teachers and make them extremely competitive in terms of quality? May be we could suggest the following alternatives for improving the quality of teachers.

Evaluate my performance

Do you think evaluating the performance of teachers in a periodic manner can help improve their efficiency? Yes. Teachers can be assessed based on their performance in the class and the performance progress or decline can be recorded by the authorities. This actually helps them to find out the key areas where each teacher needs attention and provide adequate training to better deal with those areas. It’s even more beneficial in providing a solid feedback to teachers so that they are aware of their progress level. Even teachers need a progress report!

I need proper training

As far as Indian schools are concerned, the one thing which teachers lack is proper orientation training once they join a particular school. Teachers try to cope with the new learning environment but many a times they fail in developing their teaching capabilities. What happens is they try to stay the same without any improvement and do their job almost mechanically. So, school authorities should give due emphasis to this problem and provide adequate training and development programs to develop the efficiency of teachers. This will help our teachers deliver their best in class.

Where is my mentor?

You are busy with your work schedule and you don’t have any time for your family. It’s a week full of stress, tension and pressure! You feel like relieving from all those chaos but stay confused thinking what to do. What do you need? The support of a mentor who could help you release the tension, stay calm and motivated. Likewise, teachers also confront various problems in their busy teaching schedules where almost all the issues go unnoticed. So, it’s time we realize the impact of hardships that teachers face and help them deal with their problems. Successful mentoring programs can help our teachers deal with specific problems they find stressful.

Let me integrate technology in classroom

Don’t you think that the use of technology in classroom will aid teachers in providing a different learning experience to our children? With the ever increasing demand for educational tools such as time-table management software, attendance management software, school apps, etc., learning in itself has taken a different direction incorporating the effect of technology in students’ lives. Having access to the latest technological resources will help teachers in strengthening their teaching ability and help ease the tension associated with manually managing the classroom activities. As advanced as that!

Changing the system: What MHRD can do

So far we have been discussing about the quality of Indian teachers and the suggestive measures to improve a tailor-made educational system of traditional nature.

But do you think the above mentioned changes can be implemented to improve the quality of teachers?  Yes

By whom? Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD)

In what way? By implementing Human Resource Departments in schools

MHRD have been initiating various efforts so far to develop the educational system in India. Being the sole ministry in ensuring the development needs of human resources, the responsibility to initiate the need of having an HR department in Indian schools lies in the hands of MHRD.