Rs 1 Crore Defamation Notice Dispatched to 14-Year-Old Student’s Father by a Renowned School in Agra

Thursday May 12, 2016


St. Francis Convent School in Agra sent a legal notice seeking damages of Rs 1 crore, to Mohammed Shahzan, a class VIII student of the school. The move was in response to Shahzans father Sagir Ahmed , a mechanic by profession, asking for clarifications on the school's decision of not promoting his son to the next class.

Sources say that Sagir gave a representation to the district education department, stating the Right to Education (RTE) Act, which debars schools from failing students from Class I to class VIII.


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The school repeatedly ignored all the request for an explanation of their act, after which Sagir sent a legal notice to the school seeking the information. Sagir alleged that the principle had purposely failed his son, since he had once opposed the school's "illegal demands" of money. In response, the school also sent a legal notice to Sagir seeking damages of Rs 1 crore for “harming the reputation” of the school.

Sagir said that he and his family would have to visit temples, churches, mosques and gurudwaras to beg for money as it is impossible for him to make Rs 1 crore even if he would sell his house and all his possessions.



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