Samsung Smart Schools to help Educationally Marginalized Students

Friday December 16, 2016


Samsung Smart School to create an interactive and collaborative learning environment for the next-generation classroom to discover new avenues for students to learn and educators to manage.  

A flagship citizen program by Samsung Smart Class, supported in almost 72 countries till date, promotes digital education among underprivileged students in rural areas. 

The initiative targets to bridge the IT accessibility gap. It also focuses to improve the quality of student’s education. The program collaborates with organizations to provide learning opportunities with digital devices.

Since 2013, Samsung’s Smart Schools have supported over 200,000 students around the globe. The initiative pursues to leverage the company's expertise in developing technological solutions. 

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All Samsung Smart Class is equipped with an interactive Smart board, Samsung laptops/tablet, power backup, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Teachers are trained to use the equipment effectively and make the tutorial come alive.

Lefa Megato, from South Africa after her Smart School experience, began a successful career as a PR-marketer in Johannesburg. Also, she continues to brighten the days of those around her with the help of Samsung’s Smart Schools.




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