Shocking reports on schools and enrolment of students!

Shocking reports on schools and enrolment of students!


It’s going to be June again, the month of beginnings. While most of the students are busy preparing for the coming academic year, some are denied even the opportunity of education.

Are we educating our children right? The future of any nation depends on its children. They must be taught right. But the children enrolled into the schools are declining day by day. 

Madhya Pradesh saw the decline in the enrolment of 4.7 lakh students in upper primary classes compared to 2012-13. Gwalior and Chambal region saw the highest drop, more than one lakh students have not enrolled.

Have a quick look at the analysis made by UNICEF MP of U-DISE 2013-14

1, 42,844 schools in the state with 1, 14,444 (80%) government schools were selected for the analysis. The analysis resulted in shocking reports.

The data shows that Morena in Chambal division has witnessed the highest decline in the enrolment of students in 2013-2014. There was difference of more than 52,000 primary students.

Second to Morena is Hoshangabad district, close to Bhopal. The decline is more than 31,000 students.

When it comes to the upper primary classes, Gwalior shows the highest difference with more than 40,000 students compared to 2012-13. Jabalpur stands second to Gwalior.

While somewhere it is Positive:

Indore shows highest positive change in primary with more than 15,365 students while tribal dominated Jhabua district is ahead in upper primary enrolment with more than 8,474 students.

In Madhya Pradesh transition rate from upper primary to secondary classes is also dismal with around 82% while making it to class 9 from 8. It is quite less compared to the national average of around 92%.

Are our schools sufficient?

It’s not only about the students. Are we providing the best for our children? Teachers are the most important part of any educational institution.

Are our schools equipped with reliable teachers?

"While decline in enrolment is an issue, another major issue is that of shortage of teachers,"- FA Jami (education specialist)

FA Jami highlighted that almost 5,300 schools in the state lacked teachers, out of which 4,662 were government schools. Singrauli district was the highest in such 'no-teacher schools' compared to Gwalior with only seven schools.

There are schools with only one teacher. According to the revealed data there were around 1,600 such 'single-teacher schools' in Rewa out of 17,984 schools. Neemuch consist of 58 such schools, comparatively low.

More than 100 schools in 19 out of 50 districts consist of schools without a single teacher. More than 400 schools in 15 districts are with a single teacher.

Knowledge is Power:

Education is the movement from darkness to light.” – Allan Bloom

The analysis should not be ignored: it shows the lack of responsibility towards our nation. We must never deny education for our children: education is the biggest gift that lasts for a lifetime.