State Run Schools in Mumbai All Set to Go Digital

Thursday January 19, 2017


Mumbai Govt. plans to make the classroom digital of schools under state government by this March. 

Under this plan, classrooms will have 32-inch television monitors, which will be used as boards instead of normal black or green boards and is connected to Android sticks to Miracast device.

State govt. has already implemented this in few schools previous year. But now decided to implement in every state-run schools as it would cost up to a maximum of Rs.1 lakh per school.

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State Govt. asked all the state-run schools to implement this in schools. Currently, 25,000 schools have been implemented as a part of this initiative. 

Teachers will be taught to use this technology to enhance the classroom teaching and to help the children to access it as they are asked to visit digital schools of their respective schools to learn the required skills. The state is also going to keep records regarding student’s progress with these educational platforms.

This technology may decrease the number of failures in govt. schools.





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