Students Beware! Now, Schools Use Drones to Catch Exam Cheaters


The scene of teachers wandering in the exam hall while students sit down and write is quite common in every school. The teachers do that not because they are bored but, to catch students from cheating in the exams. However, it is not of much use. When the teacher moves away, students get back to copying.

Earlier, students cheated in exams by keeping secret notes in small pieces of paper. But, with time, cheating in exams has turned digital. Therefore, only technology can be used to tackle the problem.

The fact that students are using mobile phones and other electronics devices nowadays to cheat in exams is not unknown. However, Schools in the Chinese province of Luoyang are proving themselves smarter than the kids who cheat in exams. There may be drones hovering over their heads that are designed to spot signals emitted from the room while students attend exams.

Staff in the exam hall will be connected to the drone. The drone will then inform the staff of any signal being emitted when students try to cheat.  Luoyang Radio Authority's secretary, Zeng Ying Yong says, "We are at the big exam, always standing in the background, in a 'mystery man' role."

The drones are customized for the task. They can fly about 500 m above classrooms and can hover for around 30 minutes. They also have an auto-landing function.