Summit Basecamp – Facebook’s Education Software for Schools Raises Privacy Concerns

Thursday October 27, 2016

Following the gradual evolution of education software, Facebook had introduced Summit Basecamp with the help of Facebook engineers. It was warmly welcomed by the US audience, as several schools signed up for the software. But now, some parents have raised privacy concerns about Basecamp.

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The software captures students' data and requires their parents to sign consent. The captured data would be used by Facebook mainly for targeted advertisement. But parents are not comfortable allowing such huge companies as Facebook to access personal details. They are concerned about two things – (i) what all data is being tracked (ii) How and where such collected data would be used.

But, Popularity is Rising

Bit despite these, Summit has been successful and is headed for more expansion. Meanwhile, a Fordham University law professor, Joel Reidenberg said that there is a huge hype surrounding this software. But it is actually experimentation on children.

Almost 20 Facebook engineers work on the software for Summit now. In fact, Facebook Engineering Director Mike Sego admitted to engineers accessing student data at times. He also added that it's only to improve the software and for no other purposes.




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