Survey Shows 35% School-Goers Have Poor Lung Health


According to a recent survey, it has been found out that 35% of the school goers suffer from poor lung health. The nationwide survey was conducted as part of the “Breath Blue 2015” campaign, where 2000 children aged between 9 to 15 years underwent preliminary lung health screening test (LHST).

The survey was conducted by the HEAL Foundation in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru in the last three months. It was aimed at studying the effects of air pollution on breathing capacity of children. Air pollution is at a rise in cities and air quality is worsening with each passing day. According to Manjari Chandra, representative of the foundation, the fact that 35% of students in India are suffering from poor lungs confirms the worst fears as a result of air pollution.

Amongst the cities where students are worst affected by air pollution, Delhi tops the list. A total of 40% students in Delhi were found to be in the “poor” and “bad” zones in the test. It is followed by Bengaluru with 36% students affected. Kolkata comes third with 35% students affected by air pollution. The least number of students with poor lung health is in Mumbai. Only 27% students are affected there so far.

It is kids who suffer more when prone to air pollution. However, poor air quality and pollution cannot be the only factors triggering poor lung health. The authorities still have to figure out the amount of damage pollution can cause.