Technological Advancements Necessary in Education, Says Deputy CM

Tuesday December 27, 2016


Dr. Nirmal Singh, Deputy Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir said that the students must go for modern technology in education to make the learning process simpler.

He was speaking at ABACUS institute’s graduation ceremony yesterday where Arvind, Director of ABACUS institute, Ramesh Arora, legislator, academicians and many other were present.

Now, modern technology is playing a vital role in every aspect of life which includes education also. He also said that the government is trying hard to bring new innovations in the education sector to make it easy for the students. But parents are also required to make sure that their children are getting maximum benefit from this. 

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With this, students can solve the hard mathematics easily and can also tackle many education related issues.

Looking into the ABACUS, Deputy Chief Minister said that it is a helpful medium to hone mental capacities and agility of students. 

Finally he ended up the speech by distributing prices to students who excelled in the various exams of ABACUS.




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