Technology-Addict Dad Is a Bad Example to Kids, Says Research

Technology-Addict Dad Is a Bad Example to Kids, Says Research


Experts say that fathers addicted to technology are guilty of discouraging their children from reading books. Compared to mothers, fathers are more into watching television or playing games with tablets. As a result, children tend to copy them, thus ignoring reading completely.

Statistics from Book Trust, a charity that encourages children to read, says that around 50% of the mothers read with their kids compared to fathers.  The chief executive Diana Gerald says that fathers are more into usage of electronic gadgets. They are either interested in watching TV or picking up a tablet than books. There is a problem when children see this combined with the historical fact that fathers have never read as much as mothers to children.

Ms. Gerald also advised parents to start using picture books when children reach nine months.  She also said that if parents read for their kids on a daily basis, they will be at least 12 months ahead of their age group by the time they start school.

Only a quarter of fathers aged between 16 and 24 years read to their children compared to 61% of mothers of the same age group. However, older fathers are more involved, with 78% of fathers aged 55 and above reading to their children.

According to the recent research from the National Literacy Trust, one in three fathers tends to be a poor example for the kids by never reading a book. However, the number of mothers who never pick up a book is only one in seven.

Also, the survey of 21,000 kids has revealed that the children who have been encouraged to read by their parents perform better in schools. Parents’ involvement in encouraging their kids to read has a great impact on their academic performance and enjoyment in reading.