Tribute For The Legend: Kalam’s Birthday To Be A `No School Bag’ Day


Nagpur: On Kalam’s birthday children will literally understand the meaning of the phrase 'taking a load off one's shoulders'. October 15, birthday of former president APJ Abdul Kalam is decided to be celebrated as `No School Bag' Day. Students can spend time in the library with books to inculcate the habit of reading.

Anil Pardhi, Nagpur's deputy director of education, said, "Students can keep their academic books at home and come to school to participate in various other activities. School's should encourage students to read and remember former president Kalam's life and his teachings."

To honour Kalam, the State education department wants October 15 to be observed as Vaachan Prerna Divas by schools.  Even though CBSE board has not sent any directives, some CBSE schools decided to take up no-school bag day initiative. Radhika Mehra, principal of Centre Point School (Amravati bypass road) said, "All three branches of ours will be observing no-school bag day and we have lined up various activities for them on campus."

Senior principal of BVM Shreekrishna Nagar, Annapoorni Shastri said, "We are deciding on what events to organize to keep the kids busy entire day.."

Many state board schools have taken the initiative to do something different.

"About a month ago we started with our plans and formed 20 groups of students and tasked them with reading and summarizing any one book written by Kalam sir. They won't be bringing school bags on Thursday and will instead share the knowledge they gained through his writings.” said Mrunalini Dasture, principal of South Point School and whose academic conference Kalam participated as chief guest last year.

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Rachna Singh, principal of St Ursula Girls High School, said, "Our librarian and teachers have planned out various activities for students as they won't be bringing schoolbags. We will give them books and some tasks as well."

 Prakash Somalwar, trustee of the society that manages the popular Somalwar group of schools, said, "If the education department has decided to have no schoolbag day then we will definitely implement it. We had already planned for a lecture and remembrance service for Kalam sir. We have a special bond with him as he was the chief guest for our school's centenary celebrations."

The decision of no-school bag imitative came late to schools from Nagpur education department but Mumbai counterparts had announced it last week itself. Local education officials thought that the initiative was for Mumbai since the there were no mention in the ministry's circular. "The circular sent last week only talked about the reading-related activities," said Pardhi.

Tuesday evening education minister Vinod Tawde said that everybody in state can have no schoolbag day. "It's completely up to them (Nagpur education department). They can declare it. They have the freedom to do so," said Tawde. Immediately the local education department took action to inform all the schools across the state.