Water Crisis: Attendance Drops Heavily in India’s Rural Schools

Wednesday May 4, 2016


Heat wave forces students from going to school in rural parts of India. From Bundelkhand to Delhi, from Marathwada to Mumbai, from Raichur to Bengaluru – the blazing summer has already dried up the water bodies rural residents depend on for their daily needs. Handpumps and other major reservoirs have gone defunct as water tables lays low.

Lack of water and the deadly hot weather has become a way of life in Indias hottest villages and towns.Heat stroke, dehydration, and other heat related illnesses are common sights, as temperatures continue to rise across the country.

Falling water levels and the hot climate make school-going horrific in most of the districts. Many students are skipping school to escape from the scorching heat and unavailability of drinking water.Schools have also stopped distributing mid-day meals.Even cleaning toilet is very difficult due to water shortage.

Teachers and parents had expressed their concern as the countrys hottest months, May and June, are yet to hit them and the heat was already above normal levels in April. Under these circumstances, many states have already announced early closure of schools for this years summer vacation.



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