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Monday May 4, 2015


New Delhi: The disastrous earthquake that happened in Nepal was an eye-opener. Natural calamities never come after notice, it can happen anytime and anywhere.

The only possible cure for natural calamities is to prepare for it. The National Cadet Corps (NCC) has planned to organise mock drills in schools across the country. The initiative is being taken in order to prevent the effect caused by earthquakes.

The earthquake in Nepal resulted in the death of 3,700 people and mass destruction. The students in Delhi and National Capital Territory (NCT) experienced a trembling sensation on Saturday 25 April. School desk and chairs began to shake, ceiling fans tilted sideways and then the teachers warned their students that, “It’s an earthquake."

The children shattered, some promptly got under the study desks while many ran towards the playground and open areas. It’s only after the earth has settled that children came back to their class and started talking about the incident.

The point to be noted from the incident is that children are not fully aware about what to do once the earthquake strikes. Considering the situation NCC has decided to spread awareness about minimising the damages caused by handling it right.

 “It’s a pan-India programme and the NCC will educate all its cadets across the country about the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ in case of an earthquake and plans to carry out mock drills in schools. It will also concentrate on first aid, evacuation and will teach students on how to help their fellow-mates and teachers out of the crisis,” a Source from NCC Headquarters reported.

NCC disaster management will be educating 14 lakh candidates on managing disastrous situations. The drill comprises of communication (warning dissemination), evacuation, search and rescue, medical health, etc. “The cadets will be apprised of the drill curriculum at group-levels and district-levels on various aspects to deal with the situation,” the official source said.

The NCC is open for school and college volunteers with its headquarters at New Delhi. The organisation consists of Army, Navy and Air Force support for grooming the young people of the country for becoming patriotic citizens. . “Social service and community development is an integral part of NCC curriculum. Post-natural calamity, the NCC cadets have lent their services in reconstruction work, clearing of the debris, disposal of the dead and flood relief operation,” an official said.

Delhi Disaster Management Authority conducted the first state-wide mega mock drill on earthquake in association with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) simultaneously at around 400 locations. 15,000 officials along with 400 observers from the Armed Forces participated in the event.

“The basic purpose of the mock drill was to generate awareness among residents of Delhi and to evaluate the level of preparedness and coordination among various ESFs set up across all districts of Delhi. During the mega mock drill exercise, various preparatory mock drills, orientation workshops, awareness programmes and extensive media campaigns were held for mass awareness generation,” a DDMA official said

The initiative put forward by NCC is an inspiration. Training given for children can never go waste.




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