Women Graduates Doubled Compared To Men in a Decade


Between 2001 and 2011, India witnesses a steady rise in women’s education.  During the years, 116% more women passed out as graduates but among men there was only 65% increase.

According to the key findings of Census 2011, revealed on Friday, there was also growth in women completing post graduation (151%) and women earning professional and technical degrees (196%).

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India consisted of over 68 million graduates or more qualified people in the year 2011. That is more than 8% of 838 million people who were 15 years of age or older. The proportion was only about 7%, a decade ago. During 2001, those with technical degree or equivalent were only 5 million but it has increased to 12 million now. That is 1.4% of the total 15+ years population of India.

The number of women with nursing or medicine degrees increased by 157%, those with teachers' training graduate degrees increased by 122% and women engineers grew by 326% in these years.

During 2001there were only 4.8 lakh women engineers, but now there are over 20 lakh. Engineering profession is dominated by men for long; there are more than 52 lakh men in the profession, twice the number of women. Engineering and related technological degrees remain the favourite among students. There is 182% rise in the number of graduates in a decade. Women with technical diplomas stand up to 146% that is nearly 19 million in a decade.

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2011 census revealed data of the educational level of people of age seven years or above. It included school children as well. The number of girls in mid-school level rose up to 64%, at matric or secondary level by 50% and at senior secondary level by 146%.

From the data it is evident that a new India is emerging with better perspective towards education. It’s now the turn of economy and those who run it to provide decent job opportunities for educated women.