Yuvraj Singh inspires kids fighting cancer

Yuvraj Singh inspires kids fighting cancer


Recently, cricketer Yuvraj Singh attended the Cancer Scholarship Conclave at Pathways School, Gurgaon to support the education of kids who are cancer survivors. He spent quality time with the children, inspiring them with his experience of fighting and winning over cancer and distributing scholarships. The scholarships were given to 51 cancer survivor kids.

Every year, 12 million people around the world die due to cancer. Since Yuvraj won his battle against cancer, he has left no stones unturned to help people fight against the fatal disease. His cancer awareness project, YouWeCan raises funds to financially support those people who cannot afford the cancer screening tests. YouWeCan along with CanKids is lending support and rewarding the students who have successfully battled the disease, but require motivation to move forward in life.

A large amount of money is spent on treatment for cancer patients. At the end, even if the children survive, the families may be left with no money at all to support their education. The move is to lend financial support to those underprivileged families. Usually, the lack of money and guidance can weaken the kids who survived cancer. Some may wish to continue their education, but may be unable to do so. The event aims at securing the feature of those kids fighting cancer.

Yuvraj had an interaction session with the children and their parents, where here were discussions on the goals and aspirations of the children and their battle against cancer. "I know how rough the journey of cancer is and thus the collaboration with Cankids will ensure that I can support some through funds which can be used in primary and higher education, and will later extend support in medication too," Yuvraj said while addressing the crowd present there.

Pathway schools have always joined hands with Yuvraj Singh Centre of Excellence to give professional cricket training to kids belonging to all age groups. The school has also been supporting the work by YouWeCan since the project came into being.