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Experience better school management like never before!
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Platforms available

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  1. Student Life Cycle Management
  2. TrackSchoolBus- School bus tracking
  3. Efficient School Fee Management
  4. Assignment and Project Management
  5. Elegant Assessment Management
  1. Classroom Attendance & Beyond
  2. Smart eCard Solution
  3. Time Saving Employee Attendance System
  4. Tag Vendor Module
  5. Command Centre


image School Management
image Teachers
image Parents
image Students
image Transport Manager
image Drivers

Admin can avail

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image Hassle-free authority
image Access for authorized personnel can be set accordingly
image Communication can be managed efficiently

What exactly are our unique FEATURES


Student Life Cycle Management

Edusuite ERP is a top-class solution to de-clutter the massive data of the student life cycle and to creatively organize it for easy access.

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Systematic School Bus Tracking System

TrackSchoolBus is a school bus tracking solution for parents and school authorities


To create a safe and systematic school bus management


Provides real-time location of the school bus to parents and school authorities


Helps the transport manager to maintain the school bus fleet with ease.

Efficient School Fee Management

  • Smart school fee management makes the task of an accountant much easier
  • Parents can view and access their ward’s fee details
  • Fee can be paid via an integrated online payment gateway with ease
  • Parents can switch and choose the desired payment gateway accordingly

Assignment and Project Management


Teachers can create and assign assignments to students.


Help parents to get in touch with their ward’s curriculum


Effective parent-teacher communication is manageable


Teachers can also make use of the pre-planned assignments tied to the curriculum.

Elegant Assessment Management

  • Teachers can create and share assessment tests that can be easily retrieved by the parents
  • Students can easily access the tests
  • The grades awarded can be directly viewed by the parents
  • image Customized Marketing Schemes
  • image Streamlined Examination
  • image Easy Evaluation Process
  • image All Activities
  • image Marks Into Grade Conversion
  • image Report Card Generation

Attendance for Classroom and Beyond…

Easy to mark attendance

Real-time attendance can be collected effectively

Parents are also notified the same.


Cashless School Solution

Using this sophisticated system, students no longer need to carry money to school

  • Smart cards provided for the students can be accessed in the school library, stationery store, canteen, etc
  • Parents can recharge and pay fee using this card as well
  • They are also notified when their ward accesses this card

e-Learning module

A digital library module is beneficial for both the teaching and learning processes

  • Teachers can share curriculum-related documents, PDFs, videos, PPT’s, audio files, etc
  • It can be easily accessed by students for reference
  • Systematic record of time spent by students for a particular resource is available

Time table module

Laying down an efficient timetable at the beginning of an academic year is a challenge for the administration of every institute. Avail our new timetable and attendance management system and experience the ease of class scheduling and marking attendance like never before.

Time-saving employee attendance

Smart attendance for teachers, drivers and other employees. This helps to keep a systematic and organised attendance system.


Pay-rolls can be generated easily


Punch details, leave details etc are available


Attendance can be marked using mobile app


Apply for leaves easily

Command Centre

A screen to display school information.


Helps school authorities to display important messages


All the TV screens are connected using chrome cast


School authorities have full control over this

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Our Apps


Parent App


Teacher App


School Bus Attendant App


Driver Console App


School Transport Manager App


Fleet Manager App


Cashless School App


Student App

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Of course, all the schools under a single educational organization can be managed easily at once. Our system helps to keep an eye on your schools easily and efficiently.
Why not! In our system there are options for enabling or disabling the required features. So that you can use the system accordingly.
Yes, we have a system of attendance for classrooms and beyond. Using this, parents, teachers and school authorities can track real-time attendance of individual students.
Students no longer need to carry money to school. Using our smart ID cards, students can purchase from school canteen, school stationery store, pay library fines etc. Parents can recharge this card as well. Fee can also be paid using this card.

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