Timetable and Attendance Management

Avail our new timetable and attendance management system and experience ease of class scheduling and marking attendance like never before.


Laying down an efficient timetable at the beginning of an academic year is a challenge for the administration of every institute.

If your school is facing chaos and confusion due to poor scheduling and uneven faculty allotment, our software will help you sort out the mess.

Edsys Timetable and attendance management app helps create a timetable and mark attendance of faculties themselves and also the students.

It helps align a proper schedule and allot faculty as per their availability by mapping the class, sections and teacher details pre- fed into the system.

Switching to a digital system for timetable and attendance management improves authenticity of the data as it is not susceptible to manipulations and increases efficiency due to automation of workflow.

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Unique Features of the system


Timetable management system is a unanimous requirement for planning class timings in school. The system can be deployed to schedule a new class, cancel an existing class, and making other changes to a timetable. It is simple and saves time and energy.


The app integrates yearly calendar, daily attendance and leave. Teachers can punch in the attendance of the student as well their own.

Hence the time and paper consuming methods of marking attendance are eliminated.


Activities and subjects should be allotted a particular span and time based on their nature.

Time table management will help you schedule practical and theory classes with suitable timings thus providing you a quality timetable, improving productivity and efficiency.

Why you need Timetable and Attendance Management?

Well timed schedule

Unplanned systems are less productive and exhausting.

A well planned schedule brings discipline by keeping the students engaged and reducing time consumption due to chaos and confusions.

Situational rearrangement of timetable

Occasionally new classes can be added to or deleted from the timetable as and when required.

Equitable distribution of faculty

Time table management system will evenly weigh and allocate the lectures to each faculty member thus preventing uneven distribution of work amongst faculty and stabilizing the arrangement.

An event and holiday calendar planner

Holidays and events can be created in the backend, which can be viewed by the user in the form of a fully furnished yearly calendar.

Two-Factor Student Attendance

In our timetable and attendance management system, student attendance is verified twice – once when the student taps their RFID smartcard at the RFID reader placed in front of each classroom and secondly when the teacher marks his attendance on the teacher’s app. The RFID reader as well as the teacher app are part of the Timetable and attendance management system.

The recorded data will can be accessed by the management as and when required.

Mobile App for Teachers

You can asses all the features of the system at your finger tips with aid of our mobile app. With the app teachers can check the lesson plan for the day, scheduled classes, mark attendance, apply leave and access the academic calendar.

Features of the app

Check lesson plans for the day.

Check subject wise sessions for the day

Plan an extra class if required

View entire account of periods for a particular section

View details of a period on a particular day of the month.

Apply for a leave.

Check the account of holidays available for a particular month

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