Math Riddles for Class 3

Friday August 7, 2020

Math riddles are for the young brains ready to take up challenges. These riddles are a way to strengthen their logical and problem-solving skills.

These math riddles can sharpen the kids and make them shine up in Mathematics. Kids who love math riddles will surely love Mathematics too.

Here, let’s have a look into some important math riddles for students of class 3.

1. What goes up and never come back?

Ans- Your age

2. Before the game itself, soccer fan knew that the score would be 0-0, how?

Ans- Before the game begins, the score is always 0-0.

3. Once a farmer bought a rooster to lay eggs. He expected to get 2 eggs on the first day, 2 on the third day and six on the sixth day and so on. If it continues, how many eggs will he get in a week?

Ans- Zero, roosters do not lay eggs.

4. How can you make your money double easily?

Ans- Put it in front of a mirror.

5. To build a bridge, 12 people took 27 days, how long would it take 27 people to build the same bridge?

Ans- None, the bridge is already built.

6. An old man dies during his 25th How is it possible?

Ans- He was born on 29th February.

7. In a table, there are three matches. How can you make it into a four without breaking them?

Ans- Make it in the shape of a Roman Numeral 4, IV.

8. How can you take nine from six, ten from nine, fifty from forty and leave six?

Ans- To get SIX,

SIX- 9(IX) = S

9(IX)- 10(X)= 1

40 (XL)- 50 (L)= X

And you will get SIX.

9. Can you guess the answer?

2 added to 200 six times

Ans- 202+202+202+202+202+202

10. Add mathematical equations to make the formula correct.

18 _ 12_ 2_ 3= 111

Ans- 18 * 12 / 2 + 3=111