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Why Edtech (Educational Technology) is Important?

Educational technology simply means technology aided education. It can include use of computers, computer programs, or learning systems to provide education and training to students and professionals. Free EdTech Apps List (Check it Now) Technology was introduced to education as a part of keeping pace with the innovations in the field. So, edtech has been […]

Whats New on Edsys

Enjoy the benefits of Revising at Home with Assessment Management System

Managing Assessments should be easy, right? We too think so  Undoubtedly, student assessments are an essential part of the education system. So, our technology team behind “Edsys for Education” began to think- how we can incorporate the assessment management system into the software? At Edsys, we are always aiming at creating a seamless experience for […]

Whats New on Edsys


Surprise!!!! Our new Hierarchy Management System can be a boon to manage multiple schools in a single go… ‘Hierarchy of Management’ is a system, where the responsibilities of the management are shared for easier administration. In other words, it is to get data and report it to understand what is happening in the ground and […]

Whats New on Edsys

Deprive Students from taking Money to School! Go Cashless with Edsys

The pace of the world is changing day by day and so are the technological advancements. Our team Edsys, has come up with a new advancement in the field of technology, aiming to resolve the monetary transactional problems of a student in school. This can be used for paying library dues, canteen bills etc. The […]

Whats New on Edsys

Go Virtual with Edsys Video Conferencing Feature

Empower your Online Teaching with Video Conferencing!!! We are really proud to present our new feature- Video conferencing for the teachers and students. The administrator of the school will create a time-table and the teachers can plan the class accordingly. A teacher can have a lecture with 70 students at a time, provided if everyone […]

Whats New on Edsys

Simplify your Assignment Tasks with Edsys Assignment Management system

Edsys is proud to introduce its new feature Assignment and Project Management System… Assignment and Project Management System is personalized to help teachers to create and assign projects to students. This System paves an effective way for parent-teacher communication, amidst the busy schedule of parents, via smartphone. Since it is user-friendly and is customized for […]

Whats New on Edsys


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