13 Best Educational Apps for Teachers


Being a teacher is a tough job. With the development of technology, teachers now have some interesting means to keep kids engaged in the class.

Here are 13 apps which can provide kids a better and interesting learning experience.

1. Dropbox

You might be familiar with Dropbox as it has a vital role when it comes to uploading and storing assignments, images, videos and other things which you might want to access from classroom or home. It also helps you to create and edit MS Office files within your mobile.

2. Too Noisy Pro

Are you searching for a way to make your students understand what an “inside voice” is? Then this app is really helpful. Set the maximum noise level for the classroom in the app. When the set limit is exceeded, this app will respond with an alarm.

3. Pocket

Pocket will help you to save videos, articles and other content required for your future classroom activities easily and quickly. It also helps you in presenting articles with an easy-to-view layout which normally improves the reading experience despite of your device.

4. Evernote

Evernote is a useful tool for note-taking. It helps users to create a “note” in the form of a full webpage or webpage excerpt, formatted text, a voice memo or an image. Notes can also have file attachments.

5. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is not like your normal classroom-management platform. With this, you can even send private and public messages to parents about their child’s progress and if they wish, they can stay updated with their child’s feedback in real-time without any school newsletter.

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6. Edmodo

Edmodo lets the teachers and students to share content even after school time. They can use this app as a platform for new information or any notifications, to submit assignments and receive grades in the process.

7. Teacher’s Assistant Pro    

Teacher’s Assistant Pro enables you to keep a record of behaviour for each student who is in your care, providing an easy and quick way to note bad behaviour.

8. Teacher Aide Pro 2 

Teacher Aide Pro 2 is a complement to Teacher’s Assistant Pro. It allows users to record attendance and student details easily. With this, you can find a student’s contact information and that of their parents by clicking his/her name, also providing options to call and email immediately. It even has a function named grade book used to assign different grades to assignments.

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9. Educreations

Educreations is an interactive whiteboard app allowing you to create easy-to-follow tutorials for students.  With this, you can explain your actions in the form of recording also. It also allows you to create simple animations, documentary, diagrams with audio covering.  Additionally, you can share video via email or social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

10. StudyBlue

StudyBlue allows teachers to create a digital set of flashcards (time-tested method of study), quizzes and study guides with optional video and audio. In addition to this, students can create and share their own sets of study tools and flashcards providing them a suitable place to study apart from textbooks and lectures.

11. TED

TED has hundreds of motivating and interesting TED talks which features interesting lectures from industry leaders. It includes a wide range of categorical topics such as traditional folk music, neuroscience, human evolution and many more. Some of them are perfect for online debates and discussions while some are inspirational.

12. Blackboard Mobile Learn

You are able to send push notifications about course activity and can start discussion boards for your students. In this, you can post grades, blogs in addition to mobile-friendly exams and more content.  Even if some schools provide the app for free, life-long personal license costs only $6.

13. Trello    

Trello helps students to stay organized and provides handy tools to keep them on task while doing a group project as it would be difficult to continue the project if all are operating on diverse pages and schedules. This app also allows them to upload images, assign tasks and create checklists to other users while syncing content across devices via cloud easily. Tasks can be deleted once completed.