21 Innovative Apps for Teachers


The teaching apps have made the classroom ambience friendly and students have gained immense interest in learning with interactive and fun elements.

These apps are helping teachers to communicate their ideas more freely and ensure that students are actively participating in the subject practice.

Are you a teacher looking for some good apps for your classroom?

Here let us have a look at some of the most innovative apps for teachers that have really made a positive impact over the period.

1. Educreations: This is one of the best apps for teachers that let them to create new videos for teaching and learning new ideas.

For subjects such as math strategies, it is easy for you to explain with pen, voice, and screen recorder.

They have even options to create instructional videos, replay it anytime and share instantly with the student groups through emails.

2. Prodigy Game: Teachers handling mathematics subject for grades 1 to 8 can access this awesome app for absolutely free of cost.

You can make use of over 1,200 crucial math skills to make the subject easy for students.

The students’ learning and statistics can be tracked easily and the animated avatars keep them engaged.

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3. Nearpod: This is one of the best apps for teachers to create an engaging learning experience for students and improve their interest for learning.

The app provides an integrated solution of interactive presentations, real-time assessment tools and collaboration.

With instant assessment options, preparing post session reports from real time feedback are a lot easier than before.

4. Mindmeister: You can use this app to easily handle group projects in classroom.

The features of the app supports easy mapping out of the relationships between ideas when setting up a project in a group.

With support for quick visualization and development of project outlines, planning and executing of complex projects are a lot easy than ever before.

5. ClassDojo: You can utilize the possibilities of this app to engage with students and parents through multiple means.

This app serves as both a motivator and a classroom management tool.

This safe and simple communication app allows free sign up and you can build up a friendly classroom community within no time.

6. Kahoot: The app lets teachers to turn the boring classrooms into interesting play stations with engaging quizzes and games based on the subject.

With pre-entered questions based on the topic, the app creates interesting and funny quiz for the students.

The app also serves the purpose of homework management and even as a remote training camp.

7. ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard:

This app lets you to turn your iOS device into a personal interactive whiteboard which helps you to make classes more engaging.

The ShowMe tutorial can be recorded right away for future use.

You can easily drop in images and do instant drawing and erasing which aids in effective explanation of a range of subjects.

8. ABC Mouse: This is an amazing tool for elementary teachers handling all subjects, especially mathematics.

Almost all subjects that are covered in preschool to 2nd grade can be handled well by using this app and it has won recognition for its efficacy with lots of awards.

This one stop location for various educational needs such as arts, science, maths and reading can be accessed through diverse mobile platforms.

9. Seesaw: This app in fact serves the role of a student-driven digital portfolio. In addition to inspiring your students to give out the best, a lot of teaching time is saved which makes the learning more productive.


The app that is used in over 200,000 classrooms are available for absolutely free of cost for teachers.

10. Edmodo: You can experience a comprehensive control over your digital classroom with this awesome. It lets you focus more on teaching than paper work. 

You can quickly create groups, schedule quizzes, assign homework and manage progress. There is unlimited storage available.

It is very useful to manage the app as it is integrated with Google apps.

11. Monster Math: This app is a great choice for teachers to make students understand the basics of mathematics.

This app engages students with maths learning through fun games and tons of adventure.

There are separate sections to practice common core Math standards and the in depth reporting gives you an idea about how students are progressing in the subject.

12. Slack: Classroom communication and collaboration can be conveniently handled from one place with this user friendly app.

Sharing and editing documents with the student group is a lot easy for teachers with Slack app.

Outside the classroom communication with students can be more organized as the notifications can be easily customized.

13. Classtree: Getting parent consent forms for many events and trips of students are a hectic job. This app saves a lot of time wasted by sorting and filtering paper forms manually.

The tool maintains utmost privacy and helps with easier management of e-signature and consents while providing additional support of event reminders and real-time reporting.

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14. Socrative Teacher: This lets you to transform your classroom into a student friendly ambience with better assessment, engagement and personalization options.

Educators find it a really user friendly tool to perform formative assessments in the form of quizzes, exit tickets, quick question polls and space races.

Visualizing student understanding in the best possible way helps with providing further instruction or making a change in the strategy.

15. Ideament: Teachers can facilitate presentation of diverse ideas and planning by utilizing the possibilities of this iOS app.

The options to draw diagraphs, flow charts and create mind maps make presenting ideas more engaging and interesting in a classroom.

Whether the need is to illustrate concepts, brainstorm new ideas or make lists and outlines, this app can be a handy tool.

16. Explain Everything Classic: Teachers can make use of this interactive whiteboard to explain any subjects to students in a better way.

 You have options to use a laser point, animate, or add images, diagrams or equations while explaining the subject ideas to students.

You can easily transform your imagination into a proper communication with this amazing tool and engage students easily.

17. Additio: This easy to use app makes classroom management for teachers easier than ever before.

Teachers can make use of this app as a powerful digital grade book. With customized templates, you can easily make lesson planner per sessions.

It is very easy to use and import data, and the rubrics options help them to perform peer and self-assessment.

18. Remind: This is a very popular tool that is used widely by teachers to improve out of the classroom communication.

The instant text messaging option helps to contact students and their parents pretty quickly.

Reminders regarding assignments or home works can be sent in bulk and the app features supports utmost privacy to the messages.

19. Teacher’s Assistant Pro: A well organized classroom is the basis for a successful teaching and learning experience and this app can be a good support.

This lets you to keep a set of behaviour records for every student in the class and recall it anytime with ease.

The app also provides support for easy and quick communication with the parents of concerned students from an iOS device.

20. Pocket:

Preparing the lessons well beforehand is the key for teachers to present the lessons in the best possible way.

This app is a very good assistance for you to add any relevant content to your teaching material anytime with ease.

Whenever you find some materials relevant for your future lectures, you can easily add it to your material by quick saving options of articles and videos.The easy to view layout enhances your overall teaching experience despite your device model.

21. Schoology: This is in fact a cloud based platforms with security features that are apt for classroom use.

Teacher can use this as a single place to connect with every students of the class in case of sharing of information.

With all privacy and security, you can easily post assignments, completed work, videos and links.


With the widespread acceptance of mobile gadgets in classrooms, these amazing teaching and learning apps are enhancing the quality of study time.

These cool apps have stimulated an expansion of the learning environment. Learning is more easy and fun with greater student engagement.

The apps improve teacher’s lesson plans and communication outside classrooms. They even keep track of their attendance and feedbacks.