15 Useful Apps For College Students


Students in college have to manage their studies, social life, and a hundred other things at once.

If you are about to start your new college life. Here are top 15 useful apps to make your studies and lifestyle smoother.

1. iStudiezPro


With iStudiezPro, one can keep a track of grades, deadlines and much more in all devices of Mac.

A simple integration of class schedule is good enough to start managing your classes and lectures easily.

The app provides iCal as well as Cloud syncing.

The app is available for all iOS users at a price of $2.99. However, you can also get the free version called iStudiez Lite.

The free version comes with a limited number of classes to manage. But it is still a great app to have in your pocket.

2. BenchPrep


Looking for a course library?! How about have an interactive app with professional level course collection!

BenchPrep is a perfect solution for graduates and students who are preparing for competitive exams.

The app provides flashcards, practice questions, more than 600 lessons, in-app purchases and much more.

Whether you are preparing for GMAT, MCAT, LSAT or any other professional exams, BenchPrep can help you out.

The app is free and available in Android as well as iOS versions.

3. StudyBlue


Almost every student loves using flashcards to memorize. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare them in the first place.

Now, you can save yourself from that headache by using online flashcards provided by StudyBlue.

The app comes with a huge collection of online flashcards combined with pictures, text and even audio.

You can create your own flashcards conveniently, using StudyBlue. Or, pick some other person’s flashcards available in the large database of StudyBlue. The app is available on Android as well as iOS devices.

4. Evernote


You don’t have to worry about losing your notes, homework and other study material.

Evernote is a great digital solution to keep all your study material in sync. The can integrate and store photo, audio, text, and video files to your online account.

Hence, you don’t have to carry heavy notebooks and notes everywhere. Your phone gives you immediate access to all study resources.

Despite the multiple features, using Evernote is pretty simple. You can have a free version on Android or iOS.

However, the premium option offers more features at a price of $5 for 30 days and $45 annually.

5. Engineering Pro


Students studying graduate-level science require a collection of formulas.

Engineering Pro is a perfect solution as your pocket formula database for electrical, civil, chemical, mechanical, hydrology, and environmental engineering.

There are 650+ formulas for students. You can save formulas and even mark them as your favorites.

Engineering Pro is available for iOS device users.

You can have the app at $11.99 and save yourself from purchasing multiple apps for formulas.

6. Notella



Custom note creation is a great assistance when you are bombarded with surprise assignments.

Notella is a fast choice of note-taking application. It comes with a default note opening feature.

Plus, you can sync multiple notes and generate custom hotkeys.

Notella also allows you to integrate notes from different apps such as Evernote, iCloud, Dropbox and Simplenote.

The app comes with a search bar that allows you to find notes from all the integrated apps.

This great addition to your college life is possible at a reasonable price of $2.99. The app is available on iOS.

7. Wolfram Alpha


Wolfram Alpha is a reference app to provide answers to questions related to all kinds of topics.

Whether you search for baseball or quantum mechanics, this app will quickly provide an answer.

The app utilizes a huge Cloud collection of domains. Hence, the app does the research work for you and immediately offers a reliable answer to your question.

. The app leverage supercomputing technology to refer a useful answer to your searched question.

It is available for Android and iOS users at a reasonable price of $2.99.

8. Babylon


When you are studying a new language, having a dictionary and a translator is a wise choice.

But not need to get a new dictionary for every language you are studying.

Babylon has a vast collection of glossaries in more than 75 languages.

You can access 1500+ glossaries and complete your education requirements.

Every time you come across a foreign language word or a sentence, Babylon can offer dictionary results as well as translations.

The accuracy of the translation is impressive enough to put your faith in the app.

9. Dragon Dictation


If you want to type faster, use voice recognition technology via Dragon Dictation to create instant words with your voice.

The app has accuracy and speed, so you can speak and let the app turn it into text.

The app is useful in sending status updates on your social media profiles. Or, you can write a whole essay just by speaking the words.

The app is available on iOS devices at no price.

10. Jumpcut


Copy pasting activity can become boring and a waste of time. You can reduce the struggles of entering data with Jumpcut.

The app allows copying text, as much as you want. In fact, you can copy multiple text portions at once and paste them all with simple-to-use keystrokes.

The app is suitable for students who have to transfer a lot of data from the internet to their large assignments. Jumpcut makes you efficient. However, the app is available only for Mac users.

11. Studious


Do you regularly forget to put your phone in silent mode during classes?

Studious is a perfect solution to ensure the silence of your phone when you in your class.

The app allows you to include class schedules. This way, when you are in your class, the app automatically puts your phone in the silent mode.

The app is available for Android users at no price. However, you can upgrade to the version called Studious+ to remove the ads. This will cost you $1.99 only.

12. SelfControl


It is difficult to focus on studies when your phone or computer keeps sending your notifications from different websites.

SelfControl puts a temporary lock on those notifications by putting those sites to “blacklist”.

You can prepare the blacklist for a certain time period. Even if you restart the device or reinstall an application,

SelfControl will keep them in the data according to the given time period. After that period, you can remove those sites or apps from the blacklist and access them again.

Mac OS X users can have this app for free.

13. Skype


Students have to go to new cities away from the parents and loved ones.

Skype keeps you connected with your friends and family in your hometown.

This video communication app also helps when you are trying to ace an interview for an important internship. The app provides texting and audio communication as well.

Skype is a popular app available at no price on Android and iOS devices.

Microsoft is behind the technology of this app. Hence, you can trust the accuracy and video communication experience.

14. LinkedIn


Professional networking begins at the college level and allows you to find new career opportunities.

With LinkedIn, you can connect with professionals from all over the world. The app provides a professional social networking for college students.

You can connect with popular professionals in your field and let them know about your achievements.

The app allows you to keep a professional profile of your life..

LinkedIn is a free app, available on Android, iOS and in desktop version as well.

15. Circle of 6


Moving to a new city as a student can become overwhelming for some people.

But with Circle of 6, you can feel safer. This is an award-winning app to save yourself against abuse.

You can use the “come and get me” message, which is pre-programmed.

The message is sent to your 6 most trusted contacts along with your GPS location. Based in the US, the app allows you to make local and national emergency calls if you get into a critical situation.

Both Android and iOS users can have this app for free.

So, how many apps do you think you need today as a student?! Pick as many as possible for a smoother lifestyle as a college student.

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