12 Augmented Reality Apps for Students in 2023

Monday November 6, 2017

Augmented Reality (AR) is a kind of futuristic technology used to superimpose information.

It is bliss to incorporate augmented reality apps to education, which makes learning fun and interesting.

The advent of augmented reality apps are changing the way learning is offered which enhances learning through interaction.

There are a lot of augmented reality apps for learning different subjects that can be downloaded on your smart phone.

So, are you inquisitive to know more about all such augmented reality apps that will become your learning instruments?

Here comes a long list of creative and informative augmented reality apps that are just a click away

Simply click the “download” and “install” buttons and you are all covered.

1. AR- 3D Science

augmented reality apps

  • Installs- 10,000+
  • Ratings-4.0
  • Last updated-April 11, 2020
  • Size-52M

One of the most attractive and interactive educational tool for students.  This app is designed to make education more attractive and exciting for learners.

The main objective is to build an augmented technology app for educational purposes, in learning the fundamental concepts of Science subjects in the schools.


  • Strong UI/UX and Graphical Presentation of Objects create excitement to learn again and again.
  • It gives Textual Information to know more details about Each Element

Available in: Android

2. Augmented Reality Solar System

augmented reality apps

  • Installs- 10,000+
  • Ratings-3.5
  • Last updated-February 20, 2020
  • Size-99 M

This app offers an amazing viewing experience for students.

Augmented reality space features a solar system where students can view planets, celestial bodies, etc.


  • AR cards with different planets & the sun
  • Amazing visual presentation of the solar system

Available in: Android

3. Augmented Reality (AR) Kid’s Kit

augmented reality apps

  • Installs- 50,000+
  • Ratings-4.0
  • Last updated-December 13, 2019
  • Size-100M

Students can learn alphabets ( Arabic, English and French), Numbers (Arabic and French), Solar System, Dinosaurs collection using this app.


  • The user can also take pictures with the camera through the camera icon inside the application.
  • The user can also control the size of the 3D object using two fingers on the phone screen.

Available in: Android

4. Devar

augmented reality apps

  • Installs- 500,000+
  • Ratings-4.1
  • Last updated-April 25, 2020
  • Size-93 M

Devar is an augmented reality platform.

In this app, kids, as well as elders, can enjoy edutainment activities.  It has interesting AR games, exciting characters, cool animations, amazing camera effects, etc.

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  • Color the pictures and play with your AR creations in live coloring books
  • Watch the story unfolding right in front of you and even take part in it with AR storybooks

Available in: Android, iOS

5. Space Kids

augmented reality apps

  • Ratings-3.6
  • Last updated-November 13, 2019
  • Size-67M

This augmented reality app will take you on an exciting adventure. You can explore the outer space and discover things. Science and Math subjects can be covered using this app.


  • Friendly interface
  • Experience the world of augmented reality with this app

Available in: Android, iOS

6. Wildlife AR

augmented reality apps

  • Installs- 100,000+
  • Ratings-3.5
  • Last updated- February 13, 2020
  • Size-39 M

You can control miniature animals’ right on your home with this amazing AR app.

App works best on stationary well-lit backgrounds with patterns.


  • More than two-dozen animals including penguin, shark, elephant, wolf
  • Augmented Reality with Markerless Tracking
  • Realistic animation

Available in: Android

7. EuroKids AR

augmented reality apps

  • Installs- 10,000+
  • Ratings-4.0
  • Last updated- December 11, 2019
  • Size-33M

This app is built in a way to provide an interactive learning environment for kids with real-life experiences.  This app will help children get a first-hand real-live experience of the objects that are otherwise very abstract and difficult to understand and remember. Visualizing things will make the learning process easier.

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  • Each program has a different theme based Augmented Reality flashcards.
  • An in-depth detailed explanation along with voice over info will help children easily understand each theme

Available in: Android

8. Quiver

augmented reality apps

  • Installs- 1,000,000+
  • Ratings-3.7
  • Last updated-March 17, 2020
  • Size-71M

This app brings extraordinary magical experience in coloring for your kids that they have never enjoyed before.

This app is great for developing knowledge and skills on various topics.


  • View the animation from any angle.
  • Interact and play games with animated characters by touching the screen.

Available in: Android

9. Bacteria Interactive

  • Installs- 500,000+
  • Ratings-4.6
  • Last updated-May 22, 2019
  • Size-57M

Explore biology with this interactive app. It includes a wide range of bacteria’s in different shapes, including spheres, rods, spirals etc.  In this, you can access more than 1200 similar 3D scenes.


  • You can change the language and set other functions in the context menu.
  • The context menu can be accessed by touching the bottom corners.

Available in: Android

10. Solar System Scope

  • Installs- 5,000,000+
  • Ratings-4.6
  • Last updated- April 7, 2020
  • Size-76M

There are a lot of things to be explored in our solar system. This app lets you explore, discover and play with solar system and outer space.

In Solar’s unique encyclopedia you will find the most interesting facts about every interesting thing in space in the form of 3D visualizations.
Solar’s encyclopedia is available in different languages.


  • Solar System Scope is well suited for all audiences and ages
  • Solar System Scope calculations are based on up-to-date orbital parameters published by NASA

Available in: Android

11. Dat Thin Pone High School Biology

  • Installs- 1,000+
  • Ratings-4.7
  • Last updated- February 13, 2020
  • Size-100 M

With this, students can learn biology 3D models with excitement in an innovative way.

This app is interactive so students can be involved in an efficient way. They can also attend various tests based on the subjects.


  • Practice and check your proficiency right away with three different forms of questions
  • You can receive feedback for your answers with explanation.

Available in: Android

12. WizAR Learning

  • Installs- 1,000+
  • Ratings-4.3
  • Last updated-a PRIL 12, 2020
  • Size-37M

WizAR Learning is a platform meticulously-crafted to overcome the existing shortcomings in the education system.

It’s a one-stop app where your child’s learning skills develop through play and interaction, thus making the learning process more engaging and dynamic than ever.


  • See and witness your fairytale’s stories.
  • Watch your favorite fairy tale in 4D

Download URL- Android 

Available in: Android

Closing Thoughts

All thanks to the recent technological innovations, augmented reality apps are now making education a fun-filled process.

Helping students make the most of embedded images and videos with textual content, these augmented reality apps which support simulation of real-world situations are attractive learning tools.

It is as if you will gain knowledge about the topic of your interest by becoming a part of the world you longed to be in. Modern-day students can enjoy the “been there, done that” experience through this state-of-the-art visually-aided pattern of learning.





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