10 Augmented Reality Apps for Students


Augmented Reality (AR) apps are ­educative tools makes learning fun. If you are a student aiming to ace in a topic of your choice, you have the convenience of downloading and storing an AR app in your smartphone that talks about your subject. It is as simple as invoking the app on your phone to acquire information about any topic under the sun. These “on the go” tutors will transport you to an educative yet imaginary world that stays close to your heart.

If you are inquisitive to know more about all such apps that will become your learning instruments, here comes a long list of creative and informative apps that are just a click away.

Simply click the “download” and “install” buttons and you are all covered.

For your convenience, these apps are categorized under the different subjects that you wish to excel in.

Help Your Toddler Take Baby Steps to Learn Alphabets and Animals

  1. AR Flashcards – The Preschool Learning AR App (Android and iPhone)

Parents of preschoolers and toddlers can download the AR Flashcards app on their Android phones or iOS enabled devices to introduce their wards to interactive learning. This app which makes use of AR technology perfectly blends learning with a sense of excitement. It helps Montessori students to identify animals linked to a particular alphabet and is seen as a clever and innovative way to engage students to learn and recall the 26 English alphabets..

Once the app is downloaded either from iTunes or Google Playstore, you can simply instruct your child to tap on each animal for him/her to hear the alphabet’s phonetics. It is followed by the corresponding name and figure of the animal emerging on your device’s screen. This app allows you to make a gallery of the downloaded flashcards as a beautiful collection of AR animals. These images collated as an entire list of animals all at one place can be swiped one after another.


Easy and Fun-Filled Options to Master Geography

If you are a student interested in Geography, then the following AR apps can become your best learning companions for life.

  1. Popar World Map (iPhone)

You do not have to book expensive flight tickets to go on a world tour. As a student interested in touring every nook and corner of the globe, you now have an exciting tool that will introduce you to popular landmarks and global monuments, the smart way.

Popar World Map, as the name suggests, is a 3D collection of 80 different models of various places around the world, supported by 30 minutes of video coverage. It is exclusively meant for iPhone users.

This app will become your virtual world-tour companion highlighting interesting facts about various global cultures. You will be thrilled at the volume of information you can lay your hands on when you get to witness a descriptive display of man-made wonders of the world. Familiarize yourselves with the global flora and fauna and explore the bygone era while enjoying a sneak peek into how a particular destination looks at the moment. If you are of the opinion that this app is solely to assimilate information about places, think twice. A splash of enjoyment is lent by a game that comes with the learning AR app.

“Catch Me If You Can” is a game where you get to connect with other players who are as interested as you are in geography. This is a detective game that will help you to travel the globe to catch the international fugitive Ivanna B. Badd. While you go in search of this fugitive, you will be accumulating geographical information about your choicest locale.

Isn’t this an entertaining way to master geography?

Surely, it is!

  1. Tour of the Nile – An AR App To Enjoy a Long and Exciting Journey on the Waters of the Nile (iPhone)

If you are enamored by the life and culture of the bygone Nile River era, it is best for you to download the Tour of the Nile AR app on your iPad. This app allows you to explore Egyptian archeology to its smallest details while thrilling you with the opulence of Nile artifacts, all in 3D.

For this, you first need to visit and download the “AR-Markers” and “Print the Markers” pages of the app. After downloading these two pages from the main menu, your next step is to choose the “View the arte facts in 3D with your camera” option. You will then have to point your iPad’s camera at the markers.

Anxious to know what you get to see and experience?

Here it comes!

The Tour of the Nile helps you to enjoy the rich look of the Petrie Museum of the Egyptian Archaeology in London in 3D; an out-of-the-world experience that will be unveiled right in front of your eyes.

These AR Apps are an Encyclopedia for Science Students

  1. The Brain AR App (iPhone)

Are you curious to know about everything that makes human body a captivating creation? Then, the Brain AR App can become your top bet. Simply download this AR app from iTunes for you to delve deep into the various layers of the skin, head, skull and muscle. While you will be transported into the enigmatic world of human anatomy, you will also be thrilled about the information you get about various human tissues that perform myriad functions along with their structural differences.

The list of features does not end here.

You can invoke the virtual reality (VR) mode of the app that will prompt all the iPhone users to closely observe the inner realms of our magnificent brain. To navigate the internal parts of the human brain, you have to install Google Cardboard. To top it all, you will be able to connect to the app in a better way when you listen to all the topics as lectures delivered by a medical professional. This feature brings in a human touch to the study of the human brain, supported by modern technological innovations.

  1. Anatomy 4D (iPhone and Android)

This is a free and interactive AR app that is open to all the users of Android devices and iPhones. All those who are interested to know about the human body and the heart in particular, can download this app on to their smartphones. The app allows you to highlight a human system of your choice, so that you can concentrate either on the respiratory, skeletal or the muscular system separately.

A creative enhancement of this app comes in the form of its ability to demonstrate male and female anatomies. You can view the different anatomies by simply flipping the view back and forth. A zoom-in feature, as the name suggests, helps you to get a close-up view of the organ that is highlighted. While all the organs are viewed under the 3D environment, students who are keen to learn about the human heart can benefit from its 4D look and feel. In a nutshell, this app can become a star attraction to all the medical students who have made up their minds to become cardiologists.


Interested in Astronomy? Here are a couple of innovative AR apps that can excite you.

  1. Amazing Space Journey (iPhone)

Your curiosity about the outer space can be satiated with the Amazing Space Journey AR app. Designed for all the iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, students who are charmed by the solar system, the sun, the planets and their satellites can make the most of this app. It is as if you will be holding the ever-expansive sky on your palm when you will virtually become a part of the solar system. The app allows you to learn about the various positions of the planets and their orbits in great detail.

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  1. Google Sky Map (Android)

Next in the list of AR apps that focus on the enigmatic blue sky is the Google Sky Map that can be downloaded on your Android smartphone. This app educates you through AR images all that you willnot be able to assimilate through long explanations in printed books. After you download the app from Google Playstore, you need to simply focus the camera of your smartphone to the night sky. Magic unfolds when you can easily locate and identify constellations and the various stars that cannot be enjoyed and studied with your naked eyes.


 An Entertaining Way to Learn Math, History and Geometry

  1. Fetch!Lunch Rush – An AR “Learn While You Play” App Helps You Juggle With Numbers (iPhone)

Math with its combination of numbers and figures is a daunting subject to many students. But if the learning process is linked to playing games, you will be able to develop a liking towards this subject. While you are progressing to master numbers, these games will enhance your body-mind coordination.

Fetch! Lunch Rush is a multi-player game from PBS Kids that will keep you on your toes with numbers while you are trying to manage Sushi orders that a crew wants to consume.

The aim of the game is to fill the tummies of the entire crew with yummy Sushi while keeping a close watch on the number of pieces of Sushi each crew member wants. It is here that you will put your mind-body coordination to the ultimate test. You need to hasten up and “think while you act”by spreading out game pegs which are the AR markers.

You begin to take orders and aim for the ultimate “Top Dog” position. What if you are not able to make it to the top this time? You will have another chance while your friends’ gangs reach the winning post the first time. There are multi-color game board and ‘black and white game board’ alternatives of the memory-enhancing game that you can choose from.

  1. Go Down Memory Lane With the Shakespeare’s Globe 360 AR App (iPhone)

Essentially meant for iPhone users, the Shakespeare’s Globe 360 app allows you to enter the stunning world of Globe Theater, a famous monument on the Bankside of London. Once you download this AR app, you will be able to delve deep into the blueprint that led to an extravaganza of architectural excellence. Unveiling the construction of this magnificent theater, the app through several 360 degree photographic representations will transport you to a foreign land, where you will start seeing yourself as part of a bygone era.

Wouldn’t you regard it as your good fortune to belong to the period when the world-famous actor and poet Shakespeare was making waves with his linguistic abilities?

Surely, you would!

This is exactly what the app has in store for you!

  1. Love to Toy With Geometrical Figures? Then,the Cyberchase 3D Builder is Your Best Friend (iPhone)

It is indeed the best of both the worlds-you can learn geometry while you are actually playing. Helping you to toy with a 3D Geometry puzzle called the Cyberchase 3D Builder, it is the aim of the game to renovate a town with dilapidated homes in 2D into a beautiful colony with 3D structures. To complete this, you will have to cross 8 unique levels with each level posing a higher challenge compared to the earlier one.

The app which is compatible with your iPhone helps you to get an idea about architecture, introducing you to the nuances of erecting forty 3D structures from seventy flat buildings. In addition to hand holding you to construct buildings, the app helps you match your structure to the goal structure. You will have to stack-up, dismantle and re-stack up shapes to arrive at the game-winning shape. For you to arrive at the target structure, you simply need to rotate the AR figures.

You may ask: What are the incentives you get upon the completion of every building?

You will be granted stars for every completed building which is again linked to the speed with which you finish building all the homes in the town.

Now for the tailpiece.

The moment you complete the entire makeover of the old town into a brand new town, a surprise will be awaiting you!

Closing Thoughts

All thanks to the recent technological innovations, AR apps are now making education a fun-filled process. Helping students make the most of embedded images and videos with textual content, these apps which support simulation of real-world situations are attractive learning tools. It is as if you will gain knowledge about the topic of your interest by becoming a part of the world you longed to be in. Modern day students can enjoy the “been there, done that” experience through this state-of-the-art visually-aided pattern of learning.