Top 10 College Apps You Must Have For Your Campus Life


College life is one of the most important phases of a student when they come across some important changes all of a sudden.


Whether it is the advanced studies, productivity, time management, finance or job hunting, they will badly need assistance to go through all these smoothly. With advancements in the digital era, smartphone apps come handy for them to an extent.

Even when there are thousands of apps designed for campus life, let us have a look into some of the must-have apps that can make a notable impact on their journey.

 1. Wunderlist

This is a handy app to organize days at the campus. The to-do lists created through this app can add notable productivity to schedules. The app helps to create lists and sublists, create notes on diverse tasks and share it with friends for better collaboration. Students can create separate lists for college and home to make the best use of it. Have a look at its amazing features:

  • Set reminders for different elements in the list
  • Share work and delegate to-dos
  • Attach photos, PDFs and presentations to lists

The best part is that the students can access the lists from the PCs, tablets or smartphones depending on the situations.


2. LinkedIn

Building your network is very important for a successful career. There is no better app than LinkedIn at the moment to help you out.

  • You can find jobs, firms and business contacts from a single place
  • Get updated industry news and share your views
  • Track career opportunities in company of interest
  • Follow activities of your connections

The app helps you build an online presence in college phase itself and you can slowly enhance your profile over the period to create a good resume for your career.


3. Headspace

Even when you relate college life as a time of fun, there are many instances where students get tensed and stressed up. The sudden change of learning style from school, additional responsibilities or the fear of upcoming exams or projects can be stressful. Headspace app can be a good solution for such instances as the app is an ideal platform for personalized guided meditation. The app can ease up your stress and anxiety while relaxing your mind.

Here are the awesome features of the app

  • Guided meditations train and calm your mind
  • Push notifications add mindfulness to your day
  • Track your progress to motivate yourself

Meditation, relaxation and mindfulness give you a better night rest and let you focus, stay calm, breathe and perform at your best.


4. Meetup

College phase is also the time when students look for different activities to have fun amidst the tight study schedules. This amazing app can be a great option to find people of similar interests and make free time more exciting. The app lets you easily figure out groups/clubs that have activities of your interest. It can be anything from building your career, exploring places to getting creative.

  • Students can join the app to explore, teach and learn stuff
  • This is a place to talk, help, mentor, and support each other

You may also start your own group through this app and ask students of similar interests to join you to have a fun time together.


5. Google Maps

You will be out in the world of their own and parents now hardly intervene in your outdoor trips.

It might be a new experience for at least some of you and it is more likely you get confused with directions. Google Maps is an awesome solution as it can simply guide your way.

This is not only a friend who navigates wherever you go but helps you with finding your places of interest. Here are a few options:

  • Easily visit a new friend’s place
  • Reach a spot for common meet-ups
  • Find a restaurant/coffee shop near you
  • Easily find shopping options on your way

6. Clear


This user-friendly app lets you organize your busy college schedules better with its simple and efficient features. The comprehensive personal to-do lists make your college days more productive. Gizmodo has rated the app as quick, simple and intuitive. Here are the app highlights:

  • Fast and almost effortless ways of managing to-do lists across multiple devices
  • Awesome interface easily tells you what to do and what to do now urgently

Students can use the time they usually spend on organizing their activities at college for something more productive and creative as the app does this job for you. You simply need to go with the flow and the college life appears more seamless than ever before.


7. Myfitnesspal


College days are the time when youth have to seriously think about their healthy lifestyle as this can have a lasting impact on your future. However, it is very difficult for them to focus on these areas amidst their busy schedules. Myfitnesspal gives focus on their health by keeping track of the foods they eat and by changing the diets. It comes with the following features:

  • Calorie Counter automatically calculates the calories in your meals, foods, and recipes.
  • Track All Nutrients tracks calories, carbs, sugar, fat, protein, fiber, cholesterol, and vitamins
  • Barcode Scanner lets you scan barcodes to log foods you eat and calculate the rest

You can even log your exercise routines and the app creates customized goals for you to develop better food habits and exercise routines.

8. Mint

Students will be new into finance handling when they start their college phase. It is quite common for them to mess up with their budget and run out of money on the go. This tricky app can be a wise choice for students to handle their finance with a better upper hand. Here are a few options:

  • Handle student loans, bank account and credit cards from a single place
  • Money management is now simple and seamless
  • Track balances and transactions
  • Stay secure with money transactions
  • Convenient notifications to alert you on money saving

The ultimate role of the app is to help students to set a budget for a period and stick to it.


9. Chegg

Unlike in the school days, the textbooks are expensive in college phase and you will have to buy many books for additional reference too. This awesome app is a good choice to rent or buy textbooks at a really reasonable price. They even provide a platform with an online community of forums and tutors to assist with your homework and doubts. The Chegg Study app helps you master any subject at an affordable rate. Have a look at its awesome features:

  • Repository of expert answers to millions of homework questions
  • Get expert assistance round the clock
  • Covers vast range of subjects

10. Studious

Students have to be more serious about their studies as the results can have a lasting impact on their career prospects. The Studious app can be a great assistance to students to better organize their studies and give their best.

  • Well designed timetable viewer keeps you punctual for your classes
  • Gives reminders to timetable and exams

The app can do a lot from tracking your homework assignments, daily class schedule and future exams to silencing your smartphone if you forgot to do so in your scheduled class time.

These are just a few among the many awesome apps that are specifically designed to make the college campus life more efficient and organized. The needs of a college student are many from apps for saving or remembering their multiple passwords of various accounts, storage apps, reading apps, shopping apps to entertainment apps.

Most of these apps can be accessed through diverse OS platforms and across all forms of smart gadgets. As most of the college students are yet to start earning, companies are offering many of these stunning apps for absolutely free of cost. In fact, some of these apps have revolutionized their campus life experience and really changed the way college students learn and do their stuffs.