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12 Best Learning Apps for 3rd Graders

In the classroom setup, it is impossible for educators to provide undivided attention to each student, understanding their learning difficulties. The least they can do is to clear the students’ doubts if they ask. This is where learning apps become relevant learning apps for 3rd graders. Get More FREE Educational Apps (Check it Now) Learning […]

Apps for Schools

12 Awesome Learning Apps for 4th Graders

Fourth grade is a crucial turning point in the life of students. It is the last stage of learning the basics and preparing for the big leap— learning the concepts of all subjects in detail. It does sound challenging. But, to be honest, it is not really a big hurdle. After all, we all have […]

Apps for Schools

Top 12 Free Educational Apps for Students

Educational apps have made a phenomenal change in the way we manage classrooms and schools, and in the way we learn. The best part about these apps is the availability of information at our fingertips in different forms. Many of these educational apps have served as a one-stop learning solution where many things in terms […]

Apps for Schools

10 Best English Learning Apps for Students

It is the era of globalisation and English is one language that binds the world together, in terms of communication. Nowadays, students and professionals look for better opportunities and are always ready to migrate to any corner of the world that would give them the best of everything they need to achieve their goals. In […]

Apps for Schools

15 Best Coding Apps for Primary School Students

Coding is a part of digital transformation and therefore, is expected to be an essential skill that everyone should have in the future. Even today, many of the job requirements in the IT sector include basic coding skills. Parents and schools have been encouraging students to start learning to code at school level. As a […]

Apps for Schools

101 Amazing Apps for Classrooms

  Better classroom management is really important to make learning and teaching more productive. Changing technology is playing a crucial role in the way we teach and learn. Teachers are utilizing a number of advanced applications to make learning more interactive. There are a number of innovative apps for classrooms designed to help students to […]

Apps for Schools

How Can School Apps Promote Creativity in Students?

“Creativity is sharpening your imaginative powers in a more appealing way”   School apps nowadays enhance school to parent communication by providing timely and clear information to both the parties. In addition to enhancing the communication between schools and parents, school apps facilitate the use of parent portal and school workforce management. However, a lot […]

Apps for Schools

How Do Mobile Apps Influence Childhood Education?

Do you remember your school days, when you used to carry piles of books in your backpack and walk to school or may be, catch a bus to school? You’ll then attend classes and copy notes, most of which you would not have understood completely. Most of you might be saying, “Yes! That was me,” […]

Apps for Schools

8 Things you need to know about School App Today!

There is no uncertainty that mobile apps are taking the world by storm, as people depend on them for entertainment, productivity and what not! They are making their presence felt in the education field too. These school apps provide a variety of solutions to schools, students and parents in a convenient and easy to use […]

Apps for Schools

TinyTapps – Smart Apps for Preschoolers Part 3

In the last part, we discussed about our smart English language apps for preschoolers. It was a fun and colourful app aimed at improving your child’s overall language development. But, children need to learn not just about language, but also about numbers. Our smart Math/Numbers apps are ideal for the purpose. Swim With Numbers With […]

Apps for Schools

TinyTapps – Smart Apps for Preschoolers Part 2

Last week, we had discussed about our Smart apps for toddlers – TinyTapps. If you missed it, you can read it here. Today, we are going to explain about our English language apps. We have four colourful and fun apps for teaching English. Let’s take a look at them. Fun with ABC – Alphabet Learning […]

Apps for Schools

TinyTapps – Smart Apps for Preschoolers Part 1

Kids are amazing. They are full of energy and are innately curious. In a world where technology is catching on than the wildest wildfire ever imagined, it is inevitable that kids get captivated by mobile devices. Considering these two factors, the best way for preschoolers to learn is through smart mobile apps. Brilliant colors, large […]

Apps for Schools


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