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Personality Development

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How Games Can Create a Growth Mindset in Students

What is Growth Mindset? In simple words, it is just a readiness to believe that you can grow and improve your potentials. For a better understanding, just go through the following set of sentences: Maths is not my cup of tea- Maths has been challenging for me. I’m not good at swimming- I have not […]

Personality Development

What Does Intrinsic Motivation Mean?  

Intrinsic Motivation is a natural motivational tendency where you do something for your own enjoyment, rather than relying on external factors. An increase in perceived description and self-determination are the two main factors essential for intrinsic motivation. Examples of Intrinsic Motivation You have actually experienced a lot of intrinsic motivation throughout your life, without giving […]

Personality Development

Difference Between Creativity and Innovation

In this rapidly changing world, being creative and innovative is the key to make an impact and get along with the changes. Some of you might be wondering about what actually is creativity and innovation and how it differs. These terms are very familiar in our discussions and some people even use both these terms […]

Personality Development

Life Lessons Students Learn in College

College phase is one of the most important periods of a student’s life. This is the time when they make new friends, learn more about their subjects of interest and build a platform for their upcoming career. This is the place where you meet new people of different kinds, experience different tastes in life and […]

Personality Development

Teaching the Concept of Relationships to Your Kids

Building relationships is a fundamental part of every life. As humans, we are more evolved in understanding ourselves and others, which allows us to build relationships at every walk of our lives. But the same emotional maturity makes us fairly complex in terms of building relationships. The life teaches us about relationships, but it doesn’t […]

Personality Development

When Students Need Emotional Support: Dos and Don’ts

A classroom allows a controlled and disciplined environment where students come, follow the rules and learn. But what if the general rules of a classroom don’t work on a student?! Students with required emotional support don’t usually comply with the rules of your classroom. Some students stay completely isolated and don’t allow themselves to indulge […]

Personality Development

Top 3 Secrets to Motivate Introvert Students in the Classroom

It’s easy to assume that an introvert has lesser capabilities than an extrovert. But thankfully, that is not true at all. So, educators need to remove this misconception from their mind and value the capabilities of introverts as well. Get Best Free Student Apps (Check it Now) If you open your eyes and see the […]

Personality Development

The Importance of Soft Skills for Students

Undoubtedly, students of today are the future employers and employees of profitable global businesses. For students to stand out as promising assets to multinational organizations, they need to invest in the sharpening of what are labelled as soft skills. Get Best Free Student Apps (Check it Now) These abilities which are linked to personality traits […]

Personality Development

10 Things to Make Your Kid a Better Problem Solver Forever

You as a hands-on parent or tutor will not be doing a favor to your wards by being there for them at all times. Constant intervention from parents and teachers can work well with the learning abilities of kids when they begin to rely on your instructions. In the event you are not around, they […]

Personality Development

10 Kid Entrepreneurs Who Achieved Success in Business

If you are of the opinion that entrepreneurship is only for the elderly and well-informed, think again! The world is now awake to the talent of kid entrepreneurs who have made money-making a child’s play, literally and practically. Giving wings to their ideas which in no way are childish, these young entrepreneurs have redefined the […]

Personality Development

7 Successful Companies Run by Young Entrepreneurs Under 13 Years of Age

Nothing should come in the way of realizing your dreams. And this principle concerning happy living is represented by the following kidpreneurs who braved all odds in pursuit of their dreams. Establishing successful business at very tender ages, here are the companies that are run by young kids under the age of 13. Even before […]

Personality Development

13 Puzzles to Boost Students Logical Thinking

Food to the brain comes in the form of logic puzzles that students can solve so that they can better their logical thinking. These are brain games that challenge the higher-order thinking of students. It is through these logic exercises that you as students will be prompted to solve the puzzle by posing the “What”, […]

Personality Development

10 Things Schools Teach Beyond Text Books

We send our children to schools to educate them and for their personality development. Education is an enlightening experience. So, we expect the overall development of our child from school. Now schools are also competing to be at the top. There are government bodies like KHDA and ADEC which evaluate the overall performance of schools […]

Personality Development


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