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Smart Learning

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15 Best Free Apps for Online Teaching

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a rapid shift in the way education is delivered, with online teaching and learning becoming the new normal. In this era of online teaching, educators are exploring new technologies to make the learning experience more interactive, engaging, and effective for students. With the abundance of free apps for online […]

Smart Learning

What is SQ3R? A Definition for Teachers and Students

SQ3R is an amazing teaching and learning strategy designed to help students to improve the understanding and retention of what they have learned. This is in fact a sequence that can be applied throughout the reading process to move from smaller to larger details and then back again. Teachers use this strategy to get the […]

Smart Learning

24 Ways to Provide Effective Feedback for Learning

Feedback is an information, advise, praise or evaluation given to a student, by the teacher, about his or her performance for his learning outcomes. It helps the student to enhance his performance and achievement. Giving proper feedback to a student is one of the greatest challenges that you, as a teacher may face. In fact, […]

Smart Learning

7 Learning Styles Which Can Prove Better For Kids

When in school, you would have thoroughly enjoyed a lecture delivered by a particular teacher. Then, you would start looking forward to the class he/she takes. In contrast, you would have also experienced a monotonous teaching pattern followed by another faculty. What makes this difference? It could be the teacher’s attitude, energy levels, and the […]

Smart Learning

Make Learning Appealing for Kids with Fun Educational Games

Learning should be in an appealing way so it boosts the learning interest of students. It is only possible when fun filled educational games will be brought into the classrooms. To support the above belief, you can refer to a plethora of research articles that are repeating the importance of structured educational games in classroom […]

Smart Learning

10 Effective Ways to Improve Kid’s Learning Skill

If you wish to handhold your kid to succeed in school and beyond, here are the modern learning skills that will become his/her boon for life. Leaning skills are often tagged under a common name called “4 Cs”. Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication. These are the 4 important Cs that will demand a […]

Smart Learning

6 Digital Strategies which Support Student’s Reading Skills

Gone are the days when students were allowed to learn only by reading from textbooks printed in black and white. Now is the age of digitization which offers a plethora of options for students to read and write online through attractive and pocket-sized gadgets. Tagged as digital tools, you as a student can now make […]

Smart Learning

Tips to Make Classrooms a Better Learning Place

Four walls and a blackboard alone cannot make a proper classroom. A good classroom is the place where a student can learn things in a positive way. The subject knowledge of the teacher itself is not enough to make the classroom good. There are so many things that can improve our classrooms. A skilled teacher, […]

Smart Learning


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