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General Knowledge For Kids (230+ Simple GK Questions and Answers)

It is very tough to select only a few GK questions for kids as it is a vast area and in fact boundless.  Some of the gk questions may seem too simple for higher class students but it is always good to revise what you know before you add in more information to your knowledge […]


Arts Can Make Students More Creative In Classroom. How?

Arts and creativity are two inevitable elements of a comprehensive education strategy. Rather than just studying what is in the lesson through typical lectures and exams, bringing in some arts can help students to be more creative in classrooms. In fact, this way of learning is going to help them to grasp the lessons better, […]


15 Fun Riddles Help in Solving Math Problems

Juggling with numbers can seem a herculean task for many children. Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a mathematical wizard, you can check out 15 brain teasers; all under one roof. Offering an assortment of puzzles with varying difficulty levels, these fun-filled math riddles surely ignite your numerical abilities and transform you into […]


Must-have Resources for History Teachers

Making the perfect notes for the class is a demanding task for history teachers. Only by depending on the right resources can they make impressive notes. The prepared materials should not only leave a lasting impression on students, but also create a positive attitude towards the subject. Get Best Free History Apps (Check it Now) […]



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