Manage Drivers with School Bus Tracker

Monday April 21, 2014

A good school bus tracking software should invariably be able to manage drivers too. Imagine the scenario where you have the complete database of driver time and attendance. Wouldn’t it be really helpful? Definitely! You will be able to compare driver performance over time. The School bus Tracker would in fact be a single tool required to analyse and improve your employees’ performance no matter where you are.

Let’s see how the School Bus Tracker software helps to manage drivers


Driver attendance and time can be tracked with the bus. Drivers would need to log in to the GPS tracking system when they start their day.

Performance Evaluation

Analyse actual performance against planned schedules for employees with the data collected over time. It can be used

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to improve employee performance.


Re-assign drivers with ease in case there is some sort of trouble. Also, be updated about the maintenance requirements of your vehicles.


Along with the location of the bus on a route by route basis, the driver can also be tracked. You will be notified in case of unscheduled stops, over speeding, etc.

Managing drivers can bring some real benefits to you. Employ our GPS school bus tracker and enjoy these benefits.