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Wednesday September 30, 2020

Worksheets For UKG

UKG (Upper Kindergarten) worksheets are a great educational tool for kids to learn even the hard subjects easily in an interactive way.

In UKG classes, kids are taught the next level of what they have already learned in LKG classes.

While they learn alphabets, numbers, different shapes, and colors in LKG, here they learn about the formation of words, simple addition and subtraction, number patterns, and a lot more.

Worksheets are a great option to teach and let them learn playfully so that they will learn without the actual feel of learning.

Moreover, worksheets offer great aid in understanding diverse concepts in an efficient manner through fun exercises.

Here we are sharing some interesting and interactive worksheets for teachers and parents who are looking out for free downloadable PDFs and worksheets for Upper Kindergarten Students.

You can also download UKG worksheets for Maths, English, EVS and Hindi subjects.

UKG Worksheets PDF –Subjects

Before moving on to UKG Worksheets, let us first take a look into the overview of subjects that are covered:

Sl no Subjects
1 Mathematics
2 English
3 Environmental Science
4 Hindi

1. Mathematics Worksheets UKG Class PDF Download

  • Sample Mathematics Work Sheet

mathematics ukg worksheets

Mathematics Worksheets for UKG are tabulated below:

Mathematics  Worksheet for UKG-1     Download Here
Mathematics Worksheet for UKG-2     Download Here
Mathematics Worksheet for UKG-3     Download Here
Mathematics Worksheet for UKG-4     Download Here

The best way to grab the attention of kids while learning maths is to make the process exciting for them. Mathematics Worksheets are a great platform for UKG students to learn and revise the following:

  • Simple addition and subtraction
  • Sorting and identifying coins
  • Numbers and patterns
  • Ascending and descending orders
  • Identify the missing numbers
  • Counting and coloring numbers

2. English Worksheets UKG Class PDF Download

  • Sample English Work Sheet

English worksheet for kids

English Worksheets for UKG are tabulated below:

English  Worksheet for UKG-1     Download Here
English Worksheet for UKG-2     Download Here
English Worksheet for UKG-3     Download Here
English Worksheet for UKG-4     Download Here

The interactive and brainstorming activities would help them to imagine or visualize and learn which in turn can enhance their love for the subject. English Worksheets are a good choice for UKG students to learn and understand the following:

  • New words and spelling
  • Vowels and consonants
  • Synonyms and antonyms
  • Improve problem solving skills
  • Understand and explore vocabulary
  • Enhance grammatical skills
  • Write short stories and poems

3. Environmental Science Worksheets UKG Class PDF Download

  • Sample Environmental Science Work Sheet

EVS worksheets for ukg

Environmental Science Worksheets are tabulated below:

Environmental Science Worksheet for UKG-1     Download Here
Environmental Science Worksheet for UKG-2     Download Here
Environmental Science Worksheet for UKG-3     Download Here
Environmental Science Worksheet for UKG-4     Download Here

Understanding and relating what we see around us and giving a heads up for what we might come across is mostly discussed in EVS chapters. Environmental Science Worksheets are an ideal tool for UKG students to understand and learn the following:

  • Identifying and exploring parts of body
  • Understanding common professions
  • Sense organs and how it relates to life
  • More about animals and birds
  • Good manners and habits
  • Traffic rules and safety
  • Living and non-living things

4. Hindi Worksheets UKG Class PDF Download

  • Sample Hindi Work Sheet

hindi worksheets for ukg

Hindi Worksheets for UKG are tabulated below:

Hindi Worksheet for UKG-1     Download Here
Hindi Worksheet for UKG-2     Download Here
Hindi Worksheet for UKG-3     Download Here
Hindi Worksheet for UKG-4     Download Here

 Learning a new language is always fun for kids and these worksheets are sure to invoke their interest for the subject. Hindi Worksheets are a great solution for UKG kids to learn and practise the following:

  • Singulars and plurals
  • Identify different genders
  • Formation of new words
  • Understand and explore vocabulary
  • Write short stories and poems

Final Thoughts

These are not just designed for classroom learning but parents can also download such amazing worksheets to keep the kids engaged at home or to revise what they actually learn during classes.

In fact, this is one of the best ways to help them learn the subjects in an easy manner. Moreover, learning through fun is what kids always prefer than the boring traditional classroom sessions. As they learn foundational concepts through novel techniques, this helps kids to form a strong foundation for the subjects.

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Initially, give them worksheets designed in simple formats so that they can do it themselves. This promotes self-paced learning and boosts their confidence level and they would crave for more. The best idea through worksheet learning is to try and work on different exercises on the same concept to thoroughly learn from mistakes and make it perfect on the go.

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