13 Great Apps for Parent-Teacher Communication

Tuesday July 25, 2017


As a parent, you too have a role to play in your child’s schooling, rather than just letting the teacher take care of everything. You have to know what is happening in your child’s school and how he or she is faring in the class. To know that, you must attend parent-teacher meetings.

Parent-teacher meetings give you the opportunity to discuss about your child’s performance in school and to share your fears or worries regarding your child with their teachers.But, working parents find it impossible to make time to attend these meetings that most probably fall during working days in schools. As a solution, many companies have come up with mobile and web apps to ensure smooth parent-teacher communication whenever possible.

Here is a list of 13 apps that can help parents communicate with their child’s teachers:

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal software by Edsys keeps parents updated about how their child performs in school. The communication center feature of the softwareenables easy parent-teacher communication whenever they wish for, without having to go to their schools to meet teachers. Apart from that, you can also track the academic progress of your child, track their school bus location and even pay their school fees online using Parent Portal. You can also get notified about the latest happenings in your child’s school using this app.


This App enables parent-teacher communication by connecting them on a private network which requires to be authorized. It is similar to the social networking platforms where updates can be posted. Students can also use this BuzzMob app to post things and work together for projects, assignments etc.

The teacher App & Grade Book

The teacher App & Grade Book is a relatively new tool which is freely available to the users. Parents and teachers can use the tool to interact with each other using the parent messaging feature. Also available with it is an interactive calendar, event notifications and course-wise grade reports of students. Parents can keep track of student’s attendance records and upcoming events in their child’s school using this app.

Collaborize Classroom

It is an education-focused app where teachers can discuss about their students’ academic progress, relevant topics and latest happenings in the school with parents and students. This acts as an online discussion platform where teachers can create discussion threads, upload videos, articles, images etc. Collaborize Classroom is a secure app where the content is visible only to authorized users.

Remind 101

Do you want to remind your students’ parents about the class party tomorrow? Calling each one of them or sending them e-mails individually is an impossible task. The Remind101 app is a solution. With the help of the app, you can create an account where all parents of your students can join, with a single text message. Teachers can interact with parents using the app.


Using this TeacherKit app, teachers can create individual user profiles for every student where they can mark the students’ attendance, add details of the students’ grades and behavior in class. Teachers can use the app to e-mail parents directly. All the profiles are kept separately and can be edited or deleted if need.

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Running Start

This app is meant for physical education. The digital resource available with the app enables physical education teachers to explain students about movement and running. Parents can also join the physical education classes using the Running Start app. They can learn about different running techniques and for other physical activities which can help them guide their children to perform better.


This app helps teachers to improve the classroom behavior promptly and easily. Teachers can share the details on each child’s behavior with parents as well as other school authorities. Using this ClassDojo app, teachers can provide positive behavior feedback and thus manage classes well.


Edmodo app makes the daily life of teachers simple as they can interact with students anytime from anywhere. By using this app, you can have safe classroom discussions, publishing assignments, tracking student’s progress, file sharing and uploading. And they can share these details to parents and thereby improving parent-teacher communication.


Schoolcircle helps teachers to easily handle administrative task, that is, usually time-consuming. Parents will be able to get daily and weekly reminders for everything that is related with their child. Some of the notable features associated with the app are its powerful sharing(able to share events and photos via the app and parents can see it), obvious volunteering, good partnership between parents and teachers(they work as a team and make school management easier).

Class Messenger

With this Class Messenger app, two-way messaging is possible between parents and teachers. They can discuss about child’s capability, their progress, struggles, and so forth. Also, parents are able to get test results, reminders, photos of various events, competitions and its videos.


You will be able to organize group meetings, parent-teacher meetings, and group mails with VolunteerSpot. The VolunteerSpot app can be used for arranging field trips, events, competitions, and other career related programmes.

Pupil Asset Pupil

Asset help parents to review the attendance details, behavior, school reports (both current year and previous year reports) and student’s progress in core subjects. At the touch of a button, parents will get an overall idea about their child’s performance in the school.

These apps allow you to interact with your child’s teachers. But, communicating with your child’s teachers isn’t just about parent-teacher meetings. It will let your child know the role you, as his or parent plays in their education. Also, as a parent, it is your responsibility to know about the physical, social and mental development of your child and help them in the process. Always maintain a positive relationship with your child’s teachers and keep discussing your child’s progress with them using the available apps. This can help your child apply their potential to the fullest to get outstanding results.



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