17 Best Confidence Building Activities and Games For Youngsters

Tuesday July 30, 2019

Besides providing the necessary support and encouragement for studies and career, we can also motivate youngsters through confidence-building programs. Such routines will inspire them to work harder in their lives and develop a positive and creative mind. So we have listed several confidence-building activities to help young teenagers to grow confident and motivated in their lives.

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1. Certificate of Accomplishment

This activity can help your teen realize some good things about their life and helps them visualize their achievements in the future.

Things To Do

  • The first thing to do is to divide the entire chart into 4 sections likely, first and second phase that includes the recent success and the success to achieve.
  • Tell the teens to fill up the respective sections and put the chart in the room.
  • This can be a good certificate.

Things They Will Learn

The outcome in the worksheet will make them realize their potential to achieve more in their life as well as their present capabilities too.

2. Positive Affirmation Day

This can boost self-esteem for teens, making them feel confident and happy.

Things to do

  • Make your teen feel positive about themselves.
  • Family members should reaffirm those positive qualities and praise them for it.
  • Try to be realistic and never praise the teens with some never existed qualities.

Things they learn

Teens can explore many things in which they are good at, and people also agree for it.

3. Positive Goals Diary

This helps the teen in identifying their goals and explores the ways to achieve them.

Things to do

  • Writing diaries have two sections in which strategies to implement is followed by the goals set.
  • The first section should be filled with the goals that should be achieved in the next few weeks, months or even years.
  • The plans and strategies should be filled in the next section.

Things They Learn

Setting definite goals will provide a definite purpose and goals to be achieved, which makes them aimed and positive person.

4. The Flipbook of Mistakes

These confidence-building activities will help the teens to learn lessons from their past mistakes and turn those mistakes into success.

Things To Do

  • The most affected mistakes from the past should be written in it.
  • Possible reasons for the failures should be noted down.
  • Boosts their mind to come up with the most effective solutions.

Things They Learn

This reduces negative feelings from life by understanding the failure part of life with definite reasons.

5. Coat of Arms/Family Crest

This is for the painting lovers for confidence building by providing a creative outlet for them.

Things To Do

  • Help your teen to conclude the answer for “What makes me great?”
  • Maintain individual sections of the coat of arms such that every answer is reflected from it.

Things They Learn

Listing those perspectives makes them feel great, which will also help them realize why they are good persons.

6. Sentence Completion Worksheet

Socializing your teen is the main purpose of this activity as it makes the teen feel comfortable and self-worthy too while sharing their feelings with others.

Things To Do

  • Come up with the questions related to their plans, struggling moments, loveable moments and aim of their life.
  • Say teens to answer every question by the end of the day.
  • Make a quick analysis of answers every 2 weeks.

Things They Learn

This enhances positivity in their minds and also turns the negative feelings to a positive one.

7. Gratitude Journal

This activity enhances the positivity of the teens making it immensely satisfying in their life.

Things To Do

  • Instruct your teen to write at least two things that they were grateful of.
  • Increase the number of those things.
  • Compare the recordings at the end of the week.

Things They Learn

Regular practice of this activity leads to improved relationship and positive quality of living, including the self-worthiness too.

8. Negative Self-Talk Exercise

Low self-esteem can be due to negative introspection, which can be reduced by this activity to a great extent and makes your teen a more positive person.

Things To Do

  • Thoughts that trigger the negative feeling should be written down in the first section.
  • Make them explain the thought process in details and the feelings associated with it in the second section, followed by the things that oppose their thoughts in the last section.
  • Help them to come up with the alternative thought which can be replaced by the original ones.

Things They Learn

Slowly your teen will learn that negative thoughts are just an exaggeration and how they can be replaced with positive thoughts.

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9. Core Belief Challenge

This activity will help your teen focus more on the core belief other than that of semi-conscious beliefs and also makes them more of a practical person.

Things To Do

  • Instruct your teens to identify three negative core beliefs followed by three reasons of why these beliefs are false.
  • Note them down

Things They Learn

Regular practice of this activity will help your teen to come out of the limiting beliefs and makes them a practical person through confidence building regimen.

10. Assertive Communication Records

This activity will be a lot more beneficial to teens possessing underdeveloped communication skills, which may lead to low self-esteem.

Things To Do

  • Instruct your teens to write three instances where they asserted their mindsets in a communication process and how they felt after that.
  • They could set their goal to be assertive in the future if there were no such instances in their life.

Things They Learn

With this activity, teens learn to stand up for them and be more assertive too.

11. Self-Appreciation Chart

This chart will help your teens to be confident by appreciating themselves for real reasons, thus providing healthy self-esteem.

Things To Do

  • Instruct your teens to record one good thing about themselves on the chart.
  • Start with something small and then progress to more meaningful qualities gradually.

Things They Learn

This activity helps your teens to love and appreciate themselves.

12. Positive Word of the Day

This activity helps the teen to improve positivity and to be positive in any circumstances of life.

Things To Do

  • Say your teens to write a positive word that suits the good act they did.
  • The word could be “helpful” if they helped you or someone else.

Things They Learn

This activity makes your children realize that they have some admirable qualities in them.

13. Body Appreciation Mirror Time

This activity is perfect for the teens those who are a victim of body images and also teaches them to love their body.

Things To Do

  • Ask your teens to stand in front of the mirror and come up with one beautiful thing in them,
  • Make them do this regularly.

Things They Learn

Teens can learn to appreciate their body and also learns to be comfortable with body-image issues.

14. Motivational Quote Challenge

This activity is great bonding means and also an exercise to enhance self-esteem for your teens.

Things To Do

  • Ask your teens to write their motivational quotes, which inspires them most of the time.
  • Have a family discussion with them to get deeper into the meaning of quotes.
  • The quotes can be interesting too.

Things They Learn

This activity enhances the positive outlook in teens as well as boosts their intentions to do something good every day.

15. Body Language Test

This activity enhances the positive thinking and drives away the negative energy that affects their mindset often.

Things To Do

  • Ask your teens to observe their body language when they feel negative.
  • Help them to replace it with positive thoughts.
  • Not down the changes after observing the body language again.

Things They Learn

This activity helps your teens to control their negative thoughts by seeing their body language in the mirror.

16. Letter of Encouragement

This activity helps your teens to enhance the self-worthy feeling to a great extent./

Things To Do

  • Ask all the family members to write two things about their teens, which they are proud of.
  • Hang the chart in their room.

Things They Learn

This enhances the confidence of the teens about their self-worthiness and makes them realize that they have many supports upon which they can rely.

17. Physical Activity Hour

This is the best activity that can enhance the self-esteem of teens and also promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Things To Do

  • Ask your teens to choose any sport that includes physical activity.
  • Instruct them to spend at least one hour on that sport.

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Things They Learn

This will enhance the sportive quality in the teens as well as make them capable of getting into any physical activity.

You and your family’s support is necessary for teens in confidence-building.

One thing should be kept in mind that false impressions and false praises can disrupt their practical thinking, which is why they should be kept in reality always.

You can also suggest other families practice them regularly for a better life of their teens.





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