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26 Fun Activities for India’s Republic Day Celebrations at School

Republic Day of India is one of the most important days in the country’s calendar. It marks the day when the Constitution of India came into effect, making India an independent and sovereign nation. It is also a day to honour India’s struggle for freedom and the hard-fought victory that established India as a republic. […]

Student Apps

12 Best Learning Apps for 3rd Graders

In the classroom setup, it is impossible for educators to provide undivided attention to each student, understanding their learning difficulties. The least they can do is to clear the students’ doubts if they ask. This is where learning apps become relevant learning apps for 3rd graders. Get More FREE Educational Apps (Check it Now) Learning […]

Student Apps

12 Awesome Learning Apps for 4th Graders

Fourth grade is a crucial turning point in the life of students. It is the last stage of learning the basics and preparing for the big leap— learning the concepts of all subjects in detail. It does sound challenging. But, to be honest, it is not really a big hurdle. After all, we all have […]

Student Apps

Top 12 Free Educational Apps for Students

Educational apps have made a phenomenal change in the way we manage classrooms and schools, and in the way we learn. The best part about these apps is the availability of information at our fingertips in different forms. Many of these educational apps have served as a one-stop learning solution where many things in terms […]

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10 Best English Learning Apps for Students

It is the era of globalisation and English is one language that binds the world together, in terms of communication. Nowadays, students and professionals look for better opportunities and are always ready to migrate to any corner of the world that would give them the best of everything they need to achieve their goals. In […]

Student Apps

15 Best Coding Apps for Primary School Students

Coding is a part of digital transformation and therefore, is expected to be an essential skill that everyone should have in the future. Even today, many of the job requirements in the IT sector include basic coding skills. Parents and schools have been encouraging students to start learning to code at school level. As a […]

Student Apps

15 Best Apps for Students with Learning Difficulties in 2023

Students, especially beginners, often have a hard time understanding and learning the different concepts, and improving different areas of their skills. When it comes to students with special needs, especially those with learning difficulties, it is even more difficult. Get Best Free Student Apps (Check it Now) According to the statistics under Individuals with Disabilities […]

Student Apps

Top 12 Language Learning Apps for 2023

Languages are powerful. They are a bridge to a new country, window to a new culture, and a new perspective for you to view the world. Most syllabi around the world have made learning an extra language, preferably a foreign language, mandatory. Some even consider learning languages as a hobby. Also, since work culture has […]

Student Apps

18 Awesome Brain Training Apps for Students

Learning is important. However, today’s competitive world tends to push students to go extra miles to perform and achieve. The outcome might be the success you desire. But, the adverse effect the stress has on your physical and mental wellbeing is worrisome. Well, what can you do about your tired brain? Taking a long break […]

Student Apps

16 Best Apps To Learn English Grammar

What exactly is grammar, and why is it so important? Grammar is significant because it gives information that assists in the comprehension of the reader. It is the framework that allows the writer to transmit exact meaning to the audience. Remove grammatical faults from your content and provide clear communication to your readers. Grammar describes […]

Student Apps

Top 15 College Apps for Students

College life is one of the most important phases of a student when they come across some important changes all of a sudden. Whether it is the advanced studies, productivity, time management, finance or job hunting, they will badly need assistance to go through all these smoothly. With advancements in the digital era, smartphone college […]

Student Apps

6 Best Student Planner Apps For Android

A student’s life is all about attending classes, completing assignments, figuring out how to spend time with friends, taking part in extra-curricular activities, completing the project, preparing for the quiz, and then spending the rest of the time with family. Now you will agree that this turns out too much for them. Slowly the student […]

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