9 New Year Resolutions Every Student Should Have for 2019


A new year is about to come with new opportunities. Many people will be welcoming the new year with personal resolutions. Students can do the same too!


No matter where you are supposed to be as a student, there are some resolutions to help you ensure educational success.

This article will give you 9 New Year resolutions to make 2019 a successful year in terms of education.

1. I will say No to Procrastination This Year

Do you always have to finish your assignments in one night with close deadlines?! Then, you have a tendency to procrastinate. This bad habit of pushing responsibilities away doesn’t allow you to learn effectively.

How about giving yourself a break from procrastination this year. Promise yourself to plan and act on your plans on a daily basis.

This way, you will enjoy your life as a student and learn more effectively.

2. I will take One Class out of Syllabus

When learning becomes a fixed cycle, students lose the excitement and curiosity about learning new things.

You can bring a positive change in your life as a student by taking one class out of syllabus.

Your education plan surely has fixed classes you attend to attain your certificate or degree. But this resolution will allow you to indulge in your hobbies.

For example, if you are studying to become an engineer, choose a class that aligns with your hobbies such as painting, dancing or writing. It will help refresh your life and bring new excitement.

3. I will Start Building my own Network

Networking or communication is a skill every student has to learn. It is easy to talk to your friends every day.

But are you comfortable talking to new students who come to your class every year?! Your networking skills help you everywhere you go. From professional to personal life, networking abilities allow you to understand people and communicate effectively.

This resolution will give you a kickstart. You can begin by talking to at least one stranger every day and build a network with students from different classes or branches.

4. I will Save and Invest Money

Finance management skills have become a fundamental of living a prosperous life.

No matter if you earn thousands or millions, you can’t leverage the power of money without the knowledge of financial management.

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With small saving and investment opportunities all around us, every student can start improving the knowledge of finance and practice investments.

You just need a determined mindset to keep growing your knowledge and restrict yourself from wasting money.

5. I will find my Mentor

A mentor is a person who has reached a position where you want to be physically, mentally and educationally.

Depending on your goals as a student, you can choose multiple mentors. However, it is better to follow one mentor who has skills you want to learn.

So, promise yourself that you will find a mentor for yourself and follow his or her path to perfect whatever you want..

6. I will get Real-World experience with a Job

No matter how effective your educational program is, nothing can prepare you completely for real-life scenarios.

Real-world problems and challenges prepare you as a professional. So, you can choose to join internships that align with your career goals. However, this resolution is effective for students who are sure about what they want to do.

There are other things you might want to think about. Taking a new job can impact your involvement in studies. So, you need to compare the benefits of a job with your classroom study material.

If an internship offers you real-world experience, allow you to gain contacts and boosts your confidence, then, it would be a good move.

You can also join internships during the holidays, so that, you won’t have to skip classes.

7. I will Travel to one New Destination at Least

Forget about new video games and spend your saved money on exploring new places.

Traveling is the best way to learn and boost confidence. But going to the same place every year for vacation is not traveling. You should try and visit at least one new destination in a year to enhance your perspective of life.

When you make this resolution, try including your friends as well if possible. Travel in groups to make your trips cost-effective and more exciting. Or, you can travel alone and challenge your inner survivor.

8. I will ask more Questions

If you restrict yourself from asking questions during a class, this resolution is critically important for you. Asking question is good for every student, but many don’t.

The fear of sounding silly doesn’t allow you to expand your knowledge. And those unanswered questions become the reason you underperform during exams.

Give yourself the authority of asking as many questions as possible. Be it a silly question. It doesn’t matter as long as the question makes sense to you.

9. I will Commit to Improving Myself

The gist of all resolutions is this one where you promise yourself to commit and improve.

Whether it is completing an assignment, preparing for good scores on tests, indulging in more activities or anything else. It all comes down to how committed you are about improving yourself this year.

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Become a coach for yourself and guide yourself through the challenges. This will give a great year with happiness and sadness blend into each other. At the end of this year, you will feel fulfilled and improved as a student.

So, choose the resolutions you want to work on this year and stay determined! 

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